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College Textbook Exchange

Attention CE Parents!!

Did you spend a fortune on those college textbooks for first semester?  Like a lot of us, you were probably hoping to get more out of the resale of those books.  And now you’re trying to figure out how to budget for next semester’s books.  We have a small solution that might help.

For instance, if your CE Student has SOC 101 this semester, the odds are pretty high that another TRCS CE student is taking that same class second semester, with the same book requirement.

We can save each other money by purchasing from each other mid-year.   Under the Library & Curriculum tab on the Two Roads main website, click on the College Textbook Exchange tab.  Check back often for new books available for swap or purchase.  If you want to list books you’d like to sell or swap, please email the details to Beth Abeyta ( ) and she will post it on the website.  Please make sure you include your contact information in your post.  Don’t forget to email Beth again when you want the posting removed.

Let’s get together and save each other some money!

Items Available for Sale/Exchange
  • Arriba comunication y cultura sixth edition for spanish 111 and spanish 112 the online access code for this book has been redeemed. isbn 978-0-205-03438-3 ($150)
  • Vistas introduccion a la lengua espanol fourth edition for spanish 112 and possibly other spanish classes isbn 978-1-60576-881-6  the online code with this book has already been redeemed. ($30)
  • Chemistry for Today seventh edition hardcover for chemistry 101 isbn 978-0-538-73332-8 ($200)
  • Applied Calculus fourth edition for math 125 business calculus isbn 978-0-470-17052-6 ($160)
  • Precalculus graphs and models fifth edition for math 121 college algebra isbn 978-0-321-82485-1 ($180)
  • Psychology and the real world for I believe intro to psychology isbn 978-1-4292-3043-8 ($20)
  • Drawing as Expression second edition for I believe intro to drawing isbn 0-13-194005-8 ($80)
  • Thinking with type second edition for typography isbn 978-1-61689-022-3 (12)
Prices are negotiable.
Please contact Owin Orr: