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A Message from the Administration

Welcome to Two Roads Charter School

Two Roads Charter School offers small, academically rigorous, K-12 classes.  From a beginning of only a hundred or so students, TRCS has grown and flourished, and today this vibrant program offers a wide range of courses and support to over six hundred students at two campuses.

TRCS serves full time and homeschool students who seek high academic and character achievement. We envision a social and academic environment in which students are challenged to go beyond fact acquisition, and to discover how concepts learned in the classroom are meaningful to their lives outside of it.  Classes at Two Roads will feature a distinct, critical thinking and collaborative-learning instructional format. This strategy encourages students to take responsibility for their education by discovering what they do and do not understand; it insists that students frequently self-evaluate, ask questions, recognize meaningful answers, communicate clearly and work productively with peers.  It is a method that lends itself to creative problem solving, critical thinking and the development of versatile, higher order thinking skills.

We are looking forward to providing your students with a seamless transition between high school and college as well as with opportunities for early access to college courses and/or career exploration. Your students will learn to generate and express their own ideas as they explore and master core subjects and 21st century skills using powerful technology resources to connect to the global community.  Beyond the traditional academic content areas, the staff at TRCS is committed to developing life-long learners adept at critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration, communication, and information and media literacy. 

It is our sincere pleasure to serve our students, their families and the larger community as we join you in preparing your students for life-long learning and success.


Wendy Noel, Principal

Amy Horton,  Assistant Principal

Tricia Shive,  Assistant Principal

Jun 30, 2014, 10:50 AM