Jefferson County Transportation Association (JCTA)


 What is JCTA?

The Jefferson County Transportation Association (JCTA) represents Transportation Department employees.  JCTA is one of eight groups representing support workers in the Classified School Employees Association (JESPA) (NEA -National) (CNA-Colorado). JESPA is the exclusive bargaining agent for classified employees.

  JESPA OFFICE: 303-279-3232


President:  Wally Maistryk, Central
First Vice President:  Pam Nichols, Central
Second Vice President: 
Cheryl Plese, Central
Secretary: Victor Flores, South

Treasurer: Da Naye Gettel, North 

To contact JCTA, talk to one of the representatives at your terminal.  You may also contact any of the officers.   


     Central Terminal:

Grievance Representative: Britta Campbell

Liaison Representative: Zee Zimmerman

                                   North Terminal:

                              Grievance Representative: Randy Ripplinger

                               Liaison Representative:  Cheryl Coronado

      South Terminal:

Grievance Representative: Wally Maistryk, Central

Liaison Representative: Victor Flores, South

                                    West Terminal:

                               Grievance Representative: Pam Nichols, Central

                               Liaison Representative: 


 District Assistant Representative: Brandy Velasquez


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