So you want to be a School Bus Driver                    No, Not a Rodeo, A ROADEO

Welcome to Jeffco Schools Transportation

We are the largest school district in Colorado with the largest school transportation department.  Our buses transport more than 23,000 students over 25,000 miles of routes each school day.  With field and sports trips, nearly every one of the district's 87,000 students will ride a bus at some point.

Employee Handbook 2018-2019
Terminal Boundaries
                   Central Area,   303- 982-2324    -   (South of I-70, North of Jewell)
                                                                             Valerie Pelc - Director                                
                   North Area,     303- 982-1998     -   (North of I-70, including Coal Creek Elementary)
                                                                             Shelly Benis - Director 
                   South Area,     303- 982-9057    -   (South of Jewell, including Red Rocks Elementary)
                                                                             Cathy Nelson - Director 
                   West Area,       303- 982-5215    -   (Conifer and Evergreen articulation area and Ralston Elementary)  
                                                                             Josie Gallagher - Director 

Executive Director  Greg Jackson  303-982-2235   
Training Supervisor
Da Naye Gettel303-982-2542  
Transportation Operations Supervisor          Sandy Gallegos 303-982-2562    
Fleet Manager
Paul Kusner 303-982-2320 
Administrative Assistant           Linda Hayden  303-982-2286    
Fleet Analyst  Mike Hinz 303-982-2561                              
Transportation Administration office:                       FAX   303-982-2284
809 Quail St. Bldg 1, Lakewood, CO 80215