Honors Biology

 Course Expectations for Honors Biology

Biology = the study of living things


Welcome to Honors Biology at Conifer High School.  The study of living things is a fascinating endeavor and I believe you will come to find it as interesting as I do.  In addition to learning about living things, we will be working to develop skills in scientific reasoning, mathematics, reading, and especially writing.  These abilities are essential for success in higher education and in many careers.  I am looking forward to a great year and I hope you are as well.


Required Materials: It’s necessary that you purchase and bring the following materials with you each day the class meets:

1.      Interactive Science Notebook (ISN) – BRING EVERY DAY!

a.       One Subject Spiral Bound Notebook (the tougher, the better)

b.      100+ pages  (2-3 subject)

2.      Colored Pencils - a must for sketching on the left side of your notebook!

3.      Glue-stick – to glue in data, graphs, pictures, worksheets, etc. into your ISN!

4.      Scissors – to cut out data, graphs, pictures, worksheets, etc. and glue into your ISN!

5.      Pens and Pencils - for every class!

6.      Graph Paper - 1cm square that you can tear out and glue into your ISNs.



Homework & Participation (20%)

Tests (40%)

Labs, Projects & Presentations (40%)


Class Activities & Participation: 5-20 points

Focus Question Checks: 10 points

Homework: 10-15 points

Quizzes: 10-20 points

Major lab report Write-ups: 50-100 points

Minor lab report Write-ups: 10-50 points

Major Tests & Finals: 50-200 points

ISN checks: 50-200 points


Letter grades will be assigned as follows:

A = 89.5% - 100%+

B = 79.5% - 89.4%

C = 69.5% - 79.4%

D = 59.5% - 69.4%

F = < 59.4%

Late work:

1 Day late = 75% credit

2 Days Late or More = 50% credit


Office Hours:  I will be available for extra help or make-up work during the SEMINAR period every week, Block 2 and Block 8.  I’m usually around for at least an hour after school.  If you need to make up a quiz, test, or lab, you will be required to attend the SEMINAR period.  If you are unable to attend during the SEMINAR period, you can go to the LEARNING CENTER, or other arrangements can be made.   See me if you have any questions, we can always find time for make-up work.


Attendance/Make-up work:  To succeed in Biology, it is essential that you attend class.  You are responsible for all assignments missed due to an excused absence (exception: Quizzes or in-class work are excused if missed due to an excused absence and will receive zeros if missed due to an unexcused absence). You may not necessarily have the opportunity to make up any work missed due to an unexcused absence.  An unexcused absence will result in a REFERRAL.


Missing Assignments:

1st - make up the work ASAP, come to ACCESS, LC, etc.

2nd - make up the work ASAP, come to ACCESS, LC, etc.

3rd - academic referral to principle & contact of parents - admin and staff determine a time and place for the student to make up the work (ACCESS, LC, after school, etc.)


Tardies:  Arriving to class on time is critical to succeed in Biology.  If you are not in the classroom before the end of the passing bell’s ringing, you will be marked tardy.  You will be allowed two free tardies per semester.  The third tardy will result in a points deduction from your class grade and a REFERRAL to the administration.  All tardies after third tardy will result in the above point deduction and a REFERRAL.


Bathroom Breaks: You will be given the opportunity to go the bathroom throughout the semester.  Remember, the six-minute passing period affords you plenty of time to stop at the restroom before and after class.  To go the bathroom, please ask me first, then sign out with the time you left and take the BATHROOM PASS.  When you return, sign in with the current time.  If I believe you are abusing your bathroom privileges, you will not be allowed to go the bathroom.


Forbidden Items:  The following materials are never to be seen or heard in the classroom:

1. Food or Drink (Exception: Sealable water bottles)

2. IPods or electronics of any type.

3. Cell/Smart Phones - If I see a cell phone I will take it away.

4. Reading material not distributed by the teacher.

First violation will result in confiscation of the item until the end of class.  The second violation will result in the item being turned in to the administration.


General Behavior:  Your conduct in this class should be guided by two general principles:

1) Respect for yourself, others, and property - A respectful student:

  • listens attentively to other students and the teacher.
  • raises his/her hand to be recognized in the classroom.
  • is tolerant of other people’s individuality.
  • uses appropriate language in the classroom.
  • completes his/her own work.
  • is cooperative when working on group assignments.
  • does not touch any equipment in the classroom unless directed by the teacher.
  • remains in his/her assigned seat unless otherwise instructed by the teacher.
  • does not enter the prep rooms, the teacher’s desk or computer without permission.
  • remains seated until dismissed by the teacher (not the bell) at the end of class.


2) Safety - A safety-minded student:

  • carries out laboratory procedures only as directed.
  • does not engage in horseplay in the classroom.
  • is aware of laboratory safety procedures.
  • wears appropriate clothing during in the lab.


You have my commitment to excellence in the presentation of materials and activities for this biology class.  This class will be challenging and difficult.  In order to succeed in this course, you must be equally committed to learn and understand the curriculum.  As your teacher, I have the utmost confidence in your ability to achieve at the high level required by this course.  This will be a great year, and I’m looking forward to learning about each and every one of you!





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