Falcon Files

from the desk of Tom Burns, Principal

MAY 2017

Hello Falcon Bluffs Community,

Hard to believe May is already here!   High school will present many great opportunities for our exiting 8th graders , yet I must confess I am sad to see them go.  I have an 8th grade daughter in this class and have truly enjoyed getting to know these kids.  No doubt they have a future packed with accomplishment. 

I am also excited to see our 6th and 7th grade students take on more leadership as they continue their journey at Falcon Bluffs.  We have many new opportunities planned for the 2017-18 school year.  Here is a glimpse at a couple of items:

1. Pre-AP-  Our new Pre-AP pathway will replace our Language Arts Honors classes and will be offered at each grade level. It is a comprehensive instructional program developed by CollegeBoard that provides rigorous instruction, performance based assessments, and exemplary professional development. Pre-AP is not about assigning MORE work but instead about diving deeper into content requiring higher order thinking skills and applications.  Our entire staff will be trained on implementation of Pre-AP strategies and our Language Arts department will use the specific "Springboard" curriculum. Chatfield Senior High School is distinguished in Jeffco for their wide variety of AP and Concurrent Enrollment opportunities (Including classes available for freshman).  FBMS partners with Chatfield to help students prepare for and take advantage of these rigorous opportunities. All interested students are encouraged to speak with their Language Arts teacher to obtain an application packet for these specific classes.  ELA teachers review each body of evidence(packet) and make recommendations for Pre-AP enrollment. More information to come.

2.  Clubs- We will be updating our after school offerings as every teacher at FBMS will sponsor a club.  This is a great way for students to connect with different teachers and come together on a common interest.  Once our list if finalized we will send it your way.  

Falcon in the News

In the Falcon Bluffs Entrepreneur class students learned all about what it takes to start a business, and give back to the community. The class developed a business called Picnics for a Purpose.  They completed resumes, went through interviews, and were  put into three different departments; marketing, public relations, and manufacturing. The product they created and sold this year was a miniature wooden picnic table with holes for condiments, and utensils. There was a ceremony on May 18th for students to celebrate their hard work by presenting a check to Make-A-Wish Colorado for almost $3000.  Channel 7 covered the story:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Or-PQliy8SA&feature=youtu.be

Parents Corner:

Please take a moment to check out our new "Parents Corner" located at the bottom of our Falcon Files.  We are excited to share  information specific to families with middle school students.  Recent posts include an update from our  Middle School Information Night as well as  information regarding the show "13 Reasons Why".    

Calendar Items:

Falcon Bluff's calendar is chock full of student happenings in May.  Here are just a couple of highlights:   

    • May 24th at 5:00pm -  8th grade continuation ceremony at Chatfield Senior High School.  Students will receive an invitation/reminder next week during Access class to bring home to families. 
    • May 25th- Last Day of Classes with dismissal at 12:25pm

Chatfield Sr. Chromebook Initiative Fall 2017

If your student is going to Chatfield Sr. High next year as a Freshman, please check the link below for important information regarding your student and technology information for Fall of 2017.

Chatfield Sr. High Chromebook Initiative Fall 2017

We have several upcoming events in the next few weeks so please be sure to check out the "SCHOOL HAPPENINGS" information tidbits under the FBMS picture below, and also our FBMS website, www.falconbluffs.net for up-to-date happenings around our campus.

Quick reminder that we will push out an email the first Friday of each month containing our Falcon Files but it is updated far more often and available 24/7. Consider creating a bookmark to easily access the latest FBMS news at:


Reminder:  We are still collecting Longmont Dairy bottle caps.  Please bring yours in to the Main Office.  Thanks in advance for your support!

Soaring With Pride about our Math growth scores
FBMS was highlighted in a recent  article from our district newsletter (The Messenger).  As seen below, the article explores our implementation of the Math Design Collaborative and how it has contributed to student growth.

Math Design Collaborative (MDC)

Math scores are skyrocketing at Falcon Bluffs Middle School! This is due, in part, to teachers working hard at implementing MDC in their classrooms. MDC empowers teachers with high-quality professional development opportunities that elicit understanding and implementation of formative assessment. Through the iPD grant, MDC provides the training, strategies, and supports teachers need to adapt their instruction to increase student engagement and learning. 

MDC uses Formative Assessment Lessons, which are built around a set of rich learning tasks connected to math standards to be embedded within a teacher’s practice. The tasks engage students in productive struggle that builds fluency with their procedural skills, and deepens mathematical reasoning and understanding of content.

What is most exciting is Falcon Bluffs showcased their MDC teaching skills to a variety of teachers and leaders from the Montrose School District this fall. These educators were able to visit classrooms and discuss the use of MDC practices and effects on student learning. This semester, Falcon Bluffs teachers are opening their doors again to several Jeffco teachers who are involved in MDC. These teachers will visit Falcon Bluffs Middle School on Thursday, January 26, and will be engaged in a MDC cycle where teachers evaluate student work based on misconceptions, implement a MARS FAL, and have a collaborative discussion about their teaching practice. 

Do you shop at Amazon?  Do you have an account with Amazon or want to have one?  You can use your current Amazon or Amazon Prime account, or create an account, to use Amazon Smile.  Amazon Smile gives back to Falcon Bluffs MS.  Help support Falcon Bluffs every time you shop on Amazon! 
 Go to: Smile.Amazon.com/ch/45-3060507 or just google Amazon Smile and log into your account then choose Falcon Bluffs Middle School as your charity and it will connect your account.  
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Happy Shopping!

Please take a few minutes to read through the following FBMS policies.  Thank you for your continued support!

Tuesday/Thursday After School Labs:

Every Tuesday and Thursday students are welcome to stay after school from 3:05-3:45pm to receive additional support from teachers.  Typical support items include assessments, missing work, enrichment learning, absent work, homework help, and Re-do’s (pre approved items only). Additional late busing is provided for students who regularly use bus services. New: All students who stay after school will complete the “After School Lab” documentation sticker that teachers will stick into planners near the bottom of the page under the specific date. (See image below).  Students will notate time in, time out, reason for staying, and then get a teacher signature.  Parents are encouraged to review the documentation in students planners.  Our after school labs have proven to be extremely beneficial for students and FBMS is happy to offer this support each year.


When students are absent they should check teacher calendars for work missed.  All teachers keep a description of Classwork and Homework on their Google calendar which is located on their website.  


Falcon Bluffs implements a blended grading policy that includes Standards Based grades (Content Knowledge and Work Habits) with a traditional (A, B, C, D, F) reporting system. Please review descriptions below to gain a better understanding of FBMS grading policy. Note: Students who earn a B or higher have met grade level standards and are considered proficient.


Description – Content Knowledge


Letter Grade

Points (%)

Student consistently exceeds grade level expectations/standards. Student is able to apply learned information and skills to new and unfamiliar situations with original insight beyond what is covered in the classroom.

Exceeded Expectations



90 - 100

Student consistently meets and occasionally exceeds grade level expectations/standards. Student is able to apply learned information and skills to grade appropriate complex ideas and processes in familiar situations.

Met Expectations



80 - 89

Student is not consistently meeting grade level standards/expectations.  Student is able to occasionally apply learned information and skills to grade appropriate ideas and processes in familiar/modeled situations.

Approached Expectations



70 - 79

Student meets below grade level standards/expectations.  The student uses foundational skills. The students is still working toward applying learned information and skills to grade appropriate ideas and processes in familiar/modeled situations.

Partially Met Expectations

(Partially Proficient)


60 - 69

Student does not meet basic standards/expectations.  Student is unable to apply learned information and skills to grade appropriate ideas and processes in familiar/modeled situations.

Did Not Yet Meet Expectations



0 -  59

How to Check Grades using the Infinite Campus App?

Simply download the “Campus Portal” app  CampusPortal.png .  When prompted for the district ID: GYZDYW and then log in with your Campus credentials to check grades/attendance at your convenience.

Academic Achievement Awards:

At the conclusion of trimester one and two, students will be recognized for their academic accomplishments.  Academic celebrations are organized by grade levels and will take place during the school day with peers.   Awards are arranged into three categories:

  • Principal Award: GPA 4.0 in Content Knowledge grades

  • Honor Roll: GPA 3.6 - 3.9 in Content Knowledge grades

  • Pride Awards: Students earning all A’s and/or B’s in both content knowledge and work habits

Merge Teacher Calendars to One Calendar

All teachers at Falcon Bluffs have a homework calendar loaded on their individual web pages.  If you would like to add your students specific calendars to your own calendar, please follow the steps below.

  1. Go to teacher website on FalconBluffs.net

  2. Locate the homework calendar on the teacher’s website

  3. In the bottom-right hand corner, click on the + sign  (see below)

  4. When prompted a message will appear asking if you would like to add this calendar. Choose Yesgoogle calendar.PNG



How to unsubscribe to a Calendar

  1. Open Google Calendar.

  2. In the top right, click the Settings icon Settings > Settings.

  3. At the top of the page, click the Calendars tab.

  4. Find the calendar you no longer want access to, and click the Unsubscribe link on the right. Now you no longer have access to the calendar or its events.

Thank you and please do not hesitate to contact me anytime with questions.  

Tom Burns


Jefferson County School District R 1 would like to continue connecting with you via email. If you prefer to be removed from our list, please contact Jefferson County School District R 1 directly. To stop receiving all email messages distributed through our SchoolMessenger service, follow this link and confirm: Unsubscribe

SchoolMessenger is a notification service used by the nation's leading school systems to connect with parents, students and staff through voice, SMS text, email, and social media. 

   Students and teachers spelling out 'FBMS!' on            Soaring With Pride day.


    PTO partners with Amazon Smile

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     Go to: Smile.Amazon.com/ch/45-3060507 or just google Amazon Smile and log into your account then choose Falcon Bluffs Middle School as your charity and it will connect your account.  
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    Falcon Fuels for Fitness and Success

    We are so proud of our students as Falcon Fuels for Success guided by our own Ms. Kring.  Check out the link below:


    Second Round Choice Enrollment

    First Round Choice enrollment is now over. Round Two is open February 27 through August 31st.  

    Medication Information for Parents

    Jefferson County District Schools have changed the guidelines for medication that requires further approval from doctors and parental paperwork.  Please see the link below for more information.  Please note that Falcon Bluffs Middle School will NOT be supplying Tylenol in the Clinic.

    UPDATE on Medication Guidelines for Parents


    Parents Corner

    Hello.  We are happy to present our new “Parents Corner” designed to offer a wide variety of information dealing with Middle School students.  Check back often as information will be updated regularly.  

    On April 11th, we hosted our first Middle School Information Night presented by Ms. Lodwick and Ms. Herrera.  They dove into a variety of topics including brain development, communication suggestions, social media, and Falcon Bluffs expectations.  With such positive reviews we look forward to hosting several more evenings throughout next school year.


    Have you heard about the show “Thirteen Reasons Why”?  It is quickly gaining popularity among teens and Nicole Herrera, Social Emotional Learning specialist, wants to ensure parents are informed.  Please note FBMS is in no way encouraging/discouraging families from watching according to personal family values.  We simply want to ensure stakeholders are informed as it navigates mature content (suicide, self harm, bullying, pressure to fit in, sexuality, rape, social media).  The netflix program is a 13 episode story about a high school student who completes suicide, and leaves tapes behind explaining why she did it.  

    If you choose to watch the show with your student or learn that your student has already seen it, here are some suggestions on how to carry out processing conversations:

    • Try to remain neutral: If you choose to watch the show with your student, and as you process together, try to remain neutral. Teens tend to open up more when they feel they are being heard and not judged. This is not always an easy thing to do, but this may be a proactive opportunity to gauge where their head is around sensitive topics, and can allow you to get your message across so they know how to handle potential situations in the future.

    • Give them time to get it all out: This is a heavy, and at times dark show. It may bring up feelings for students they are not used to having or discussing. When processing with them make sure they have plenty of time to complete their thoughts. Silence can be uncomfortable and 15 silent seconds can feel like 45 minutes. Keep in mind that silence doesn't equal lack of desire to talk with you. It may take some time for them to get out all of the thoughts in their head.

    • Allow them to steer some of the conversation: Giving your student the power to guide conversations on such mature topics can give you a glimpse into their worldview. Of course you can ask guiding questions to get to the topic you want to talk about, but if they get there on their own they are likely to share more fully.

    • Ensure they know there are other options: Suicide is one of the most difficult topics parents breach with their students (if they ever do), because it is terrifying. The best way to talk about self harm with your teen is to do so directly. Asking your student if they have ever had those thoughts may catch them off guard yet open an important dialog. This isn’t a necessary question to ask, but making sure they know there are other options to suicide is important. We encourage your student to talk through options if they or a friend are having thoughts of self-harm or suicide. Those can include telling a trusted adult, telling a friend, contacting Colorado Crisis Service by phone at 1-844-493-8255, or texting TALK to 38255.

    If you would like more information or support on any of the items mentioned in this message, please do not hesitate in contacting Nicole Herrera, Social Emotional Learning Specialist, at (303) 982-9906, or nicole.herrera@jeffco.k12.co.us   


    CSHS Chromebook Initiative

    If your student will be a Freshman at Chatfield Sr. High this fall, please click the link below for important information regarding your student and technology.

    CSHS Girls Youth Volleyball Camps

    Chatfield Youth Volleyball - 5th-8th Grade Girls

    CSHS Volleyball Camp Flyer

    Summer Camp - August 1-4 (Tuesday - Friday)

    Join Chatfield Senior High Head Volleyball Coach, Stephanie Schick, for a four-day youth volleyball camp focused on developing skills in all aspects of the game. This camp features 2 hours of instruction, drills, games and daily prizes!

    Session 1 - 10am to Noon for 5th and 6th grade girls

    Session 2 - 1:00pm to 3:00pm for 7th and 8th grade girls

    Location: Chatfield Senior High School

    Cost: $55


    Register Today! www.chatfieldvolleyball.com


    Fall Chatfield Gold Crown Volleyball League - August 21st - November 5th

     2017 Chatfield Gold Crown Volleyball Camp Flyer

    The Chatfield Gold Crown volleyball program offers teams for 5th - 8thgrade girls. This is a competitive, city-wide, fall volleyball league with an emphasis on player development and preparation for high school volleyball. This program teaches proper form and techniques in serving, setting, hitting and positioning and is tons of fun!


    Registration is now open!  https://sites.google.com/view/chatfieldgoldcrown/home

    Chatfield Summer Baseball


    WHO: ALL 8TH-12TH GRADERS (as of 2016-17 school year) Are welcome to register. Once you register you will be updated about all relevant information 

    TRYOUTS: Tentative date is May 22.

    SCHEDULE/SEASON: First games will be played on June 1 the season will end  ON/AROUND July 23rd. The season will include league games plus four to five tournaments.  FYI plan on a tournament almost every weekend except for Father's day weekend and league play about 4 days out of the week sometimes 5 days a week. We understand that many families have or will plan vacations and we understand and typically carry a few extra players on summer rosters for this reason.

    TEAMS: Our goal is to have three teams but will depend on number of players who come out for tryouts. Chatfield 1 will be older/best incoming players; playing in a 5A jv/4A varsity league. Chatfield 2 and 3 will be made up of incoming freshmen and rising sophomores: playing in sophomore and freshmen leagues.



    Chatfield Charger Diamond Club



    Cost of Camp: 80$

    Equipment needed- All campers must have their own basketball, athletic shoes, and waterbottle for each day

    Description of Camp: This camp is provided to prepare youth basketball athletes for the upcoming season.  A strong emphasis in this camp will be on proper techniques of footwork and fundamentals. Day 1 of camp will include a day of working on fundamentals with the high school girls.  Day 2 will be a competition day to earn prizes and compete with the fundamentals learned from day one. Each day will finish with a fun team bonding activity. 

    Dates:  26-27th

    2:30-5:30 June 26th- 1-4th grade

    6-9 pm June 26th 5-8th grade

    4-6 pm June 27th 1-4th grade

    6:30-8:30 June 27th 5-8th grade

    Register at: chargerelitecamps.com

    Chatfield Cheer Camp

    Come and join the fun  - be a part of Chatfield Cheer Camp coming June 6 and 7th.  See the flyer below for more information.

    Chatfield Math Department News

    The CSH Math Department will be making a bulk purchase of TI-Nspire CX (non-CAS) graphing calculators in May 2017. Because these are part of a bulk order, they will be sold at a discounted price of $120. If you would like to benefit from these savings and order a calculator from us, please fill out the form (https://goo.gl/forms/pLbGwoClc5XmAGDD3). This form is also found on the Chatfield Math Department's website. Additionally, get a check delivered to Keri Brusven (Math Department Chair) by Friday, May 19th, 2017. Checks should be made out to Chatfield Senior High School for $120. Calculators will be delivered to students during the first day of class in August.

    Chatfield Girls Softball Skills Camp

    Come and join us for the Chatfield Girls Softball Skills Camp
    Click HERE for more information.

    Chatfield Elite Camp
    Click on the link for flyer

    CSHS Speed, Strength and Youth Football Camp

    See attached for Camps held at Chatfield Senior high this summer or click the following link.  http://www.chargerelitecamps.com/

    At the website just click on camps to see all available camps that are available this summer

    Speed Camp Link

    Youth Football Camp


    Speed Camps- Youth Camp 1st-6th Grade and 7th-12th grade

    Strength Camps- 7th-12th Grade Male and Female Athletes

    Youth Football Camps (1st-8th Grade); Free Youth Camp, Skills Camp and Contact Camp



    Summer Basketball Camp

    Come and join in the fun!  Chatfield is holding a summer basketball camp for all incoming 9th graders coming to Chatfield this fall.

    CSHS Basketball Camp

    Middle School Tennis League

    Interested in tennis?  The Middle School Tennis League is starting up again on Monday, April 3rd.  Practices will be held at several locations and different days of the week.  Matches will be on Saturdays and set up according to skill level.  We have all levels of players, including beginners.  For more information, look for a flyer in the main office, or click on the link below for more information and registration.  Tennis is a fun sport that you can play your whole life, so come give it a shot!

    Middle School Tennis League Information

    Middle School Tennis League Registration Form

    Stingrays Swim Team

                Stingrays Swim Team 2017 

      We’re back for another year of swimming!  If you have ever thought about taking your swimming career one step further, then we are the summer club team for you!  We are looking for kids, ages 4-18, which like water and want to have fun.  In return we will improve their strokes and get them excited about swimming.  Join us Sunday evenings starting February 26th from 6:15pm – 7:30pm for our Winter & Spring Swim program at the The Ridge Pool. We will have multiple sessions going until the beginning of May.  Feel free to contact Coach Heather Howe at (303) 279-5184 or email me at munchie_howe@hotmail.com or check out our team website at www.stingraysswimteam.com if you have questions about our swim session!


    Welcome to the new school year.  We have lots going on this year so please check out our information below.  Hope to see lots of new faces this year!  Come and join in the fun!

    The Falcon Bluffs PTO invites you to check out the many opportunities available to support our school.  Our goal is to help bring the community together through a variety of events.  Even the smallest contribution makes a big difference to the success of Falcon Bluffs.  Check out the links below to see how you can help.  Also, please check out the flyers we created, one is a list with all the major events until the Winter Break.

    Volunteer Positions Sign up Genius - www.SignUpGenius.com/go/30E0C4FAEA92BA1FC1-fbms2

     Visit our PTO website HERE and/or  click on the PTO tab on the Falcon Bluffs website, Falcon Bluffs Website, www.falconbluffs.netwww.falconbluffs.net to be in the know! 

    Bus Riders Information

    If your student is planning on riding home on the bus at the end of the school day with another student , a signed parent note must come from home before we can sign off in the office that their parent has approved the transportation home.  The Office will not be accepting verbal parent permissions via phone or student phone texts and we have the right to rescind any note that looks student handwritten.   Thank you in advance for your cooperation and support.


    Falcon Bluffs is collecting BOX TOPS$ for EDUCATION

    Many of us use everyday products and food items that have a coupon like the one shown above.   We at Falcon Bluffs are collecting these Box Top$ for Education coupons all school year to provide extra monies for our school.  If you would like to help, please clip the coupon(s) and send them in with your student to the Main Office.  Monies are given to the schools in April and December.  We appreciate your help and support in our ongoing effort.

     Please see ITEMS that COUNT  for a list of everyday products with these valuable coupons.  Thanks for all your support and participation in our Box Top$ for Education coupon drive.

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