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How Ancient China is unique to the world

    China is unique to the world in many ways. One example is their unique and beautiful art. China's art was usually made out of Jade and Bronze because Jade was believed to have magical properties that would help guard the dead. Bronze was used to make vessels, pots, bells, mirrors, and weapons for rituals.Silk was an production that the Chinese kept secret for years. Than silk became popular all over the world.Ceramic production also became advanced after the Shang Dine sty.Then the Chinese invented an kilm with extremely hot temperatures making it possible to have extremely high quality ceramics.That is one way how China is unique to the world.
            A  bronze ritual vessel                                                                                         A Jade Dragon Sculpture        

    China is also unique to the world because in ancient China the clothing was very traditional and interesting.The people in ancient China usually wore long shirts called tunics. Woman and girls usually wore belts with long tunics that touched the ground. Boys and men in China also wore tunics except these tunics were knee length. These tunics were made out of silk if you were rich. Otherwise your tunics were made out of hemp or ramie.In china everyone had long hair worn down. Since the Chinese believed you got your hair from your parents they thought it was disrespectful to cut it.In 500 A.D. the chinese decided that only rich people could wear colors so the poor were forced to wear black and blue. They also believed woman should have small feet. So when a girl was 5 or 6 they would wrap the girls feet in tight bandages so their feet couldn't grow. 

An example of traditional Chinese clothing.
When is the Shang Dinesty?
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