Our goal is to provide our students and parents with a consistent message around foods and beverages brought to our school building. We want to promote healthy options during meal or snack times while avoiding foods that are in high in calories, fat, sugar and sodium. We want our celebrations to include healthy options. Holidays and birthdays can also take on a non-food focus and instead provide opportunities for more play and time to enjoy music, dance, games, sports and other fun activities. We want to continue to provide the opportunity to start new traditions to celebrate special days in healthy ways throughout our school year.

Healthy Snack and Beverages Ideas: 

Water, 100% fruit juice with no added sugar, Fat-free or low fat milk, Fruit smoothies (made with frozen fruit with no added sugar and fat-free or low fat yogurt), Fresh fruit – trays, salads, Fresh vegetables – trays, salads, Fat-free or low fat yogurt (alone or as dip for fruits or vegetables), Yogurt parfaits (fat-free or low fat yogurt, fruit and whole grain cereal or granola as topping), Nut or seed butter (serve with fruit or whole grain crackers), Nuts or seeds, Trail mix made of nuts or seeds and dried fruit with no added sugar, Whole grain crackers, Low-fat cheese (serve with fruit or whole grain crackers), Hummus (serve with vegetables or whole grain crackers), Graham crackers, Whole grain cereal bars, and Baked whole grain tortilla chips with salsa or bean dip.