Hello Jeffco Community,

I hope you all had a restful spring break and are ready for the sprint to the end of the school year. I say sprint because schools tend to be very busy this time of year, as does the district. It takes some effort to focus on the main thing – learning – when spring sports, plays, concerts, art shows, graduations and much more are happening. Of course all these efforts are learning opportunities as well, for not only our students, but all of us.

As we have progressed through the school year, I have valued the many opportunities I’ve had to engage with students, families, staff and the community. I’d like to remind you of a few of those opportunities open now, and encourage you to participate. In order to meet the needs of a broad range of students, we need to consistently hear from a broad range of Jeffco residents.

Our Strategic Plan builds on the Jeffco Generations vision. The plan encompasses all aspects of the organization with a focus on student learning or supporting student learning. Each tactic is detailed online and "stock takes" will be reported periodically. We would love to hear your input on this ever-evolving continuous improvement plan.

The 2018/19 budget is under development right now and we welcome your feedback. The budget currently includes a list of needs in priority order. Once the state legislature decides how much to allocate to K-12 public school funding, the Board of Education will determine which of the priorities are possible next school year. Please share your thoughts on next year’s district budget, state K-12 funding ideas/proposals and local k-12 funding. 

On March 20, we hosted a school safety panel discussion and breakout sessions so attendees could discuss ideas and concerns. We are now assembling a task force to discuss the steps our schools may take regarding safety and security. You may apply for the task force or give input via our website

There are also a number of openings on our Board of Education advisory committees. I invite you to apply!

Thank you for the opportunity to serve our students and community. I look forward to participating in the many celebrations that happen in the spring!


Jason E. Glass, Ed.D.
Superintendent & Chief Learner
Jeffco Public Schools

To stay up to date with Dr. Glass, follow him on Twitter @COJasonGlass or visit his blog

Helen NealChief of Staff for the Superintendent and Board of Education, 303-982-6801