Book List Assignment

All students are required to read at least one book from the "Book List" and complete a plot diagram. The plot diagram is due Tuesday, August 22 to your English Language Arts teacher.

      The book chosen should be one that the student has not previously read.

At the beginning of the school year, students will be expected to actively participate in a group discussion about the book he or she chose to read. Mandalay teachers have also committed to reading one or more of the titles on this list and will lead discussions about the books. The plot diagrams will help students remember the book for better discussion.

 Assignment #1:  Book List Selection
The plot diagram was given in the Summer Reading packet or printed from the link in "Book List". 

Google Document

Helpful Hints: Print a copy of the plot diagram template here
Include a minimum of 6 entries for "Rising Action"
Include a minimum of 2 entries for "Falling Action"

Protagonist: The main character in a story, often a good or heroic 
Antagonist: The person or force that works against the hero of the 
Setting - Time:  The time frame in which a story takes place.
                                 (ex. the 1920s or the future)
Setting - Place: The place in which a story takes place. 
                                (ex. Colorado or Mars)
Internal Conflict: A problem within a character (often the character
                            talks about this in his or her own mind)
External Conflict: a problem or struggle between a character and 
                         an side force (another person, group, fate or a 
                         force of nature).
Author's Theme: The message about life or human nature that is 
                        “the focus” in the story that the writer tells. 
Symbolism: Anything that stands for or represents something else.
Foreshadowing: An author's use of hints or clues to give the reader 
                        an idea of what may happen next.  
Irony: A situation where the opposite of what is expected to occur 
            or exist does occur or exist.