Free Reading Assignment

Read at least one other book over summer break! 

Read any age appropriate book you wish.

At the beginning of the school year, you will take a Scholastic Reading Counts on-line quiz in your Access class. The score from this quiz will be the first reading grade in your Access class. 

If you read more than one book over the summer, you can choose the book you remember best for this reading counts quiz.  If you'd like to make sure that there is a Reading Counts quiz on your book, click on the link to the Scholastic Reading Counts Book Expert On-Line to check by title or author.

If your book does not have a quiz available, please write your own quiz!

Guidelines to writing a quiz: 

    • As you read, make notes about possible questions and answers
    • Include the Title and Author of the book as well as your name 
    • Make sure that you have questions that are from various points in the book (beginning , middle & end)
    • Create 10 questions with 4 multiple choice answers (one right and 3 plausible answers)
      • No True/False or "All of the above" answers allowed (there should be 4 distinct answers)
    • If your book is also a movie, your questions should be about things found only in the book!