Principal's Page

Welcome to Stott Elementary!

As the principal of Stott, I am proud to be part of such a wonderful school that is committed to students and families. Stott has a long history as a neighborhood school that is well loved by many. We are known for our welcoming environment, professional staff and supportive parents.

The teachers and staff at Stott are continually striving for academic excellence by providing a learning environment that holds high expectations for student learning, responsible behavior, and respect for others. We offer up-to-date academic resources that support the state and district standards. 
  • Students benefit daily from whole group lessons as well as instruction that are differentiated toward individual needs. 
  • Every student participates in guided reading groups that support reading comprehension using authentic books from our extensive leveled book room. 
  • Students are able to delve deeper into understanding number sense, problem solving and computation skills through Investigations math. 
  • Most recently we have systemically implemented the Lucy Calkins Units of Study writing program along with using writers’ crafts, and the 6 Traits of Writing. 
  • Students also receive instruction and support in developing positive social skills through our Stott S.O.L.E. positive behavior program. Teachers, staff, and parents work together to teach children to be respectful of Self, Others, Learning environment, and Effort. As a result, Stott students are happy, kind, and ready to learn each day. 
Technology is integrated in all learning at Stott. Every classroom has a:
  • Smartboard
  • Document camera
  • Student computers 
We also have three mobile carts that house 45 wireless laptops along with a computer lab. Thanks to the commitment of our parents, PTSA, and community, students are able to show their learning and express their creativity by using current technology, websites, and software. 

Stott parents show their support by being active in our PTSA and Accountability committees. We have several yearly events that celebrate our families and community. Some of our most popular events include:
  • First Night Stott
  • Grandparents’ Day
  • Science Fair
  • Western Dinner/Dance
  • School carnival. 
Parents also have the opportunity to offer their voice in the parent survey which is designed to explore ideas to better our school. Most recently, the PTSA formed a school beautification committee that is dedicated to finding resources to update Stott’s building and grounds in order make our school a beautiful place for children. 

The Stott community of teachers, parents and staff members knows that the secret to successful students is our commitment to working together for academic excellence, a positive environment, and a safe place for children to learn and grow. We welcome all who would like to join us in our partnership for student growth and success.


Patti Katsampes