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Advanced Writing Club Presents...

The Mystery of Indiana

By: Tatum Simons,  Katherine Herman & Madison Owen

One gloomy afternoon in Munster, Indiana, Gregory Campbell and his best friend, Russell Young, were chilling in Gregory’s basement playing Fortnite.

Then, Gregory’s mom came down to tell the boys, “ Your pizza rolls are ready!”

“Mom, we were chatting with a cool girl named Veronica. She says she likes to go hunting and has a beard,” Gregory whined.

“ Sweety, how many times do I have to tell you that most people playing that game are 32 year old men. Now come eat your pizza rolls!” his mom screamed.

After they ate their pizza rolls, Gregory demanded that they go back downstairs to chat with the so called Veronica.

“ Thank you, Mrs. Campbell,” Russell said in a polite voice.

“ Be quiet, Russell!” Gregory shouted.

“ Gregory Elmer Campbell, I wish he could be my son, because you are an absolute pig and super disrespectful. I am so sorry Russell, but I am going to have to send you home because of my son’s behavior,” Gregory’s mom shouted.

“ Wait, his middle name is Elmer?!” Russell laughed.

“ Get out of my house and never come here again!” Gregory said angrily.

“ Gregory, go to your room and don’t come out till 7:00!” his mom said.

“ But, but, that is in three hours!” Gregory said as he stomped up to his room.

On the way to drop Russell off at his house, Gregory’s mom apologized to Russell and told his mom that Gregory wouldn’t be able to play for at least a month or two.

¨Where is Gregory? I want to play Barbies with him,¨ Gregory´s sister, Rachel, said.

¨Oh sweetie, you won't see him for a long, long time.¨ said her mom.

¨ YOU KILLED HIM?!¨ screamed Rachel.

¨No, no honey. I mean I wish, but he's just grounded,¨ said Mom.

Three months later, while Gregory´s best dude, Russell, was over, Gregory and Russell got a message from Veronica that said, ¨ Come find me, I am lost in the jungle!¨

¨ Russell, we need to go get my girl!¨ Gregory said affectionately.

They ran upstairs like the Flash, and said, ¨ Bye Mom,¨

¨Gregory Elmer Campbell, are you going to save that Veronica dude?¨ his mom yelled from the kitchen.

¨ How did you know , Mom? And, she is not a dude!¨ Gregory said.

¨ I still can't believe that your middle name is Elmer!¨ Russell laughed.

¨ Bye sweetie, have a good time!¨ Mom yelled.

¨Bye!¨ Russell and Gregory said at the same time.

Later that night, his mom realized that she made a huge mistake. She put too much salt in her cottage cheese.

Russell and Greg got to the exact jungle she was in, somehow, so that was convenient. They met a police officer named Ugo Tojail (you-go-to-jail).

Ugo said, ¨ What are you four year old boys doing out here all alone?¨

¨First of all, we are eight, and we are looking for my girlfriend, Veronica,¨ Greg said angrily.

¨How cool! I am looking for someone who goes by Veronica, but their real name is Vatushi. Oh My gosh, I didn't introduce myself. My name is Ugo Tojail, and this weird guy is my officer in training, Iam Sidkic.¨ Ugo apologized.

¨ Please, please, don't kill us!¨ Gregory said, acting like a four year old. So that is why Ugo Tojail mixed him up with a four year old.

¨I won't! I'm a good guy. I'm like the cowboys in those old Westerns, but better,¨ said Ugo.

They were looking for about four and a half hours when they heard a voice calling their names. It was Veronica.

¨ Oh my gosh, I hear someone!¨ Veronica yelled.

¨ Veronica, it is your soon to be hubby, Gregory, from the video game! Come out!¨ Greg said.

Veronica came out of the bush, and then Gregory realized that Veronica was actually a man.

¨ My love? You're a man!!!¨ Greg exclaimed in surprise.

¨Oh my! Why yes, I am!¨ Veronica, or Vatushi said in a deep manly voice.

¨ Get out of my sight you ugly creature!¨ Gregory screamed.

¨ Wow, you are a terrible ... wait a minute, how old are you?¨ Vatushi asked.

¨ I am eight years old and proud of it! We are just not right for each other! We are 24 years apart!¨ Gregory yelled as a tear ran down his cheek..

¨ Where is Iam?¨ Ugo asked.

¨ I am right here,”Iam said as he came out from behind a bush. “I was searching for someone to play ‘Push the Lunch Cart’ with me because at the School of the Dumb  nobody likes me.¨

After Ugo grabbed Iam, they ran out of the jungle.


Back in Greg’s community, Rachel, Greg’s mom, and Greg’s dad filed a missing kid alert for Gregory and Russell. An A.M.B.E.R. Alert went off in the county. People went searching for them for the reward of one dollar.

After six years of Russell and Gregory missing, Ugo, Iam, Russell, Gregory, and of course Vatushi, showed up at Gregory’s door, and surprised his family with balloons and party hats.

“ Oh my gosh, my baby is home! Oh, hi Russell,” Greg’s mom mumbled.

“ Honey I’m home! Who is this kid?” Greg’s dad said.

“ THIS IS YOUR SON!” his mom screamed.

“ Oh, hi there son, and hello there Russell!” his dad said.

“ How do you remember Russell and not your own son!” Greg screamed as he  ran upstairs.

His dad tried to run up to him, but Greg slammed the door in his face. Sensing the awkwardness, Vatushi, Ugo, Iam, and Russell slipped out the door.

Thirty years later, Greg got married to a girl named Lisa, and Russell lived with his parents.

The End!


The True Story of Hansel and Gretel

By: Ryker Thomas and Ruby Testerman

Our story begins in an old worn down cottage; a mother was giving birth to twins named Illizabeth and Izabella. As the two twins grew up, Illizabeth grew to hate sweet things, including people, such as her family. However, Izabella was kind and loved everything. As the twins grew up their lives were very different, Illizabeth never got married. On the other hand, Izabella married a kind hearted man, named Izaiah. As expected, Illizabeth hated how her sister got the better life and an adoring husband, but she hated their children, Hansel and Gretel, even more.

As Hansel and Gretel grew older, Illizabeth’s interest for Izaiah grew stronger, so she put a curse on him by saying,

Caring, daring, and kind

which I don’t mind

cruel, mean, and vicious

is way more delicious!

Doing so, she was hoping her sister would not survive a day with the new Izaiah, so she would be forced to live alone in the wilderness.

When Izabella woke up the next morning, she found her husband being cruel to her sweet innocent little children. So in the middle of the day, she tried to take Hansel and Gretel  away from him. While doing so, he stopped her, pushed her out the door,and took the children at the very tender age of three. After that, Izabella thought her life was ruined, so just to try and keep busy, she made a candy house in the middle of the woods. Thatś about when the rumors started.

Everyone was soon telling  stories around the campfire about the witch living in the candy house next to the river in the middle of the woods. Of course no one really thought she was real until Hansel and Gretel were eight years old. The rumors started to become stories, and the stories started to become facts, and the facts became the truth.

It was a foggy day when Gretel and Hansel got sent out all alone to venture the unknown parts of the woods all because of their selfish, no good, rotten, heartless stepmother who went by the name of... Illizabeth. While venturing off they left a trail of breadcrumbs so that they could find their way back home and not be lost like a fish out of water. They suddenly ran out of crumbs and decided to use rocks instead. While walking through the woods, they found the most delicious house and walked right in. Once in the house, Hansel and Gretel met a kind lady and she took care of them.

Back at the cottage, the curse was broken, all because when Illizabeth set the curse, she ended it with,,

The HUNK will return to acting alright,  

if those rotten kids and their  horrible mummy ever reunite.

Due to the broken curse, Izaiah was back to his generous, sweet self. He must have still been somewhat dazed and confused because he thought Illizabeth was Izabella. Illizabeth noticed how he was acting and thought that it was just him playing tricks on her.

Back at the sweet, candy house, Izabella was cleaning her oven when Hansel dropped his banana peel and slipped, nearly falling into the oven.

He managed to scream, Gretel help!’’

Getel yelled back, Hansel!

At that very moment, Izabella noticed that these two were  her very own children, so she quickly saved him from falling.

Meanwhile Izaiah noticed that “Izabella” was so much different and stormed out into the woods to throw a  big toddler tantrum.While off having his big fit, he found a path of bread crumbs, which soon led into a path of rocks. When going down the trail, he found the confectionary  house and entered.

During this time, Izabella started taking care of the kids with special consideration. She gave  them more food, bought them clothes, and bathed them every other day. When eating lunch one day, an unexpected intruder nonchalantly walked in.

Right away Hansel and Gretel both chimed in, Daddy we found Mommy!

Izabella right away questioned Izaiah, Izaiah is that you after all these years?

Izaiah responded, I-III-I thought you were back at the house?

Right at that very moment, Illizabeth stormed in and saw the whole happy family reunion. She came up with an evil plan.

As best as she could she mimicked the voice of  Izabella and only managed to shout out these seven words, Illizabeth stop trying to steal my husband!

I don't know how to tell you two apart by your looks, but maybe there is something here… like these candy bars from the fireplace mantel,suggested Izaiah.

At the very same moment, they each bit into the Snickers bars, and three different reactions happened. One, Izabella started laughing hysterically after biting into the candy bar.

Two, Illizabeth mumbled, I don't feel so well.

Three, Illizabeth suddenly went…  


Even though Izabella lost her sister,, she found great  joy with her family finally being together, and they all lived happily ever after in the candy house.



By: Mariella DeRosa, Bailey Lambert, and Nathaniel Jayne

A few months ago, there was a sixteen year old girl named River, and she was walking with her two friends in Billy Bob Jone’s Park. As they were walking, a mysterious figure crept out of the shadows, and suddenly the girls felt a horrible  pain in their heads, as if a hammer had hit them.

Lucy, a five year old girl, wanted to save the world. She saw the mysterious figure kidnap the girls that night, as her mom called her inside for bed.

Lucy wanted to sneak away to save the girls even when her brain said, “Stay home, stay home, stay home,¨ but her heart finally overtook her. She got on her tricycle and followed the van.

River, Willow, and Rose woke up and saw a flashlight in their faces. As a man in black pushed the girls in, Lucy managed to grab a stick and prop the door open.

The next evening, a news reporter at Billy Bob Jone’s Park explained that  three girls went missing Tuesday evening.

Meanwhile, Lucy was inside the tattoo parlor watching the crazy man practice tattooing. His golden badge read,“Bones,” and shimmered in the moonlight.

Bones stood in the doorway, and asked, “What’s your favorite animal ladies?¨ planning what tattoo he would imprint on each of them.

River yelled, “WE DON’T HAVE TO TELL YOU!!!!!”

”Then I'll tattoo any design on you that I want! Ha ha ha!” chuckled Bones.

Giving up, River mumbled ,“A cheetah.”

“Giraffe for me,” said Willow.

Rose sighed, “A tiger.”

A loud buzzing noise was interrupted by a louder,“Nooooo!!” from


      Then Bones grabbed River and tied her rope even tighter so she would not be able to move. This allowed him to do her tattoo. Bones had to leave the room to get the black and white ink for the tattoos. All of a sudden, Lucy appeared out of the shadows of the doorway. She untied River, Willow, and Rose. Of course a moment later, the four girls made a run for the door only to  find out that it was locked and that Bones had the only key. They decided to go for the window, and they figured it could be opened! The four girls yanked the window open, then they tried the car.

They started it  up Then when they began to go, Lucy screamed out of excitement, “MY TRICYCLE IS OUT  THERE!!!!! “

Willow and Rose jumped out to grab the tricycle and threw it in the back of the van. River sat in front of the  steering wheel, and she stepped on the gas. As the four girls drove home, River showed everyone her fake cheetah tattoo that she kinda liked. Too bad it would be gone soon.

Newsflash, “The kidnappers have been stopped by a five year old girl named Lucy.” After all that, Lucy was never afraid of anything but ants (it’s a long story-but it’s because they’re the smallest creature)! As for River, Willow, and Rose, they lived  happy and healthy lives and were friends forever.

The Three Homeless Ghosts

A play written by: Victoria Martinez , Alianna Rojas-Torres,  and Madison Owen


Aly-Alianna Rojas-Torres (sister)

Tori-Victoria Martinez (sister)

Adi-Madi Owen (sister)


Ada-Jada Delaney (friend)

Once upon a time three sisters lived with their father, Mr. Games, in a house in Washington DC, that was built in 1811. The children's names were Aly, Tori, and Adi, and they were all four and a half years old. Their mom died when they were two and a half.  It seemed like these last two years had passed so quickly.

Fast forward 10 and a half years, when when they were almost 15  years old and hanging out at their house.


Aly: Do you guys want to go to the mall?

Tori: Sure, I need shoes anyway.

Adi: Sure, I’d love to go.

Tori: Hey Dad, can you drive us to the mall?

Dad: (laying down on the couch) No!

All together: Pleeeeeease (we all showed him our best puppy dog eyes.)

Dad: Still….No!

All together: Uggggg!

Aly: You are the worst dad ever!

Dad: Excuse me young lady?

Aly: You heard me.

Dad: Give me your phone young lady.

Aly: NO (clearly showing  a sassy attitude)!

Dad: NOW!!!

Aly: OMG! Uggggggg!

Adi/Tori: (Roll their eyes)

Tori: I'm going to my room.

Adi: Same.

Aly: (sigh)

Dad: Ok, I’m going upstairs to take a nap.

Adi: Me too.

All: Snoring...Zzzzzz.

SCENE 2-The Next day

Dad: Girls!!!!

All: What?

Aly: What’s for breakfast?

Tori: Are we going to the mall now?

Adi: Can we have twenty bucks?

All: Pleeeeeease!

Silence-no answer from Dad.

Aly: Are we dead?

Adi:  Ya’ think? I think he just turned deaf overnight.

Tori: But I heard strange noises all night.

Tori: I think Dad’s hurt; he's limping.

Aly: Why are the police here?

Adi: Wait! if the police are here and our dad’s hurt then what about…….?

All: US!

Tori: OMG! OMG! OMG!

Adi: Alright maybe we should all go to bed.This could just be a dream.

Tori & Aly: Ok.

Scene 3- The next day

After all 3 girls woke up…

Tori : Umm guys I don't think it is a dream.

Adi : I still don't believe it.

Aly : Adi, you should wake up and face the truth.

Tori: Guys what about school?

Aly: Quick get on the bus.

Adi: Hey Ada, what did I miss?

Aly: Adi stop talking to her; she can't hear you. You’re  dead.

Adi: I can believe whatever I want.

Tori: That’s it, I’m out of this conversation.

Aly: Oh no you’re not.

Tori: We all can believe whatever we want, so we don't get into fights.

Aly & Adi: Ok, whatever. (They say sassily).

Ada: I wonder if Adi is here.

Adi: Ada, Ada….I'm right here.

Aly: Adi stop it, she can't hear you

Part 2

A little over one year later, the girls turned sixteen.

Adi : I'm going to get my driver’s license .

Aly: Adi we are dead! We cannot get our driver’s license when we’re dea….you know what I'm trying to tell you.

Adi: Fine, but I'm going to find out for myself.

Tori: Ugh, I'm out of this conversation, and would you two please stop fighting?

Aly: I'm just trying to tell her we are not alive.

Tori: Fine. Keep fighting. Whatever.

Adi: Oh stop! I thought you were out of this conversation.

Tori: I was just trying to get you two back to getting along.

Aly: Yeah, I agree with Adi you were out of this conversation.

Tori: {Gasp} Rude!

Adi: Believe whatever you want to believe, ok?!


Aly and Adi : Ok

The girls then found out that they died from the poisoned pizza they had ordered the night before.  After two and a half years, they learned how to be everloving sisters.

The End

      Break It, Burn It, Throw It In                     The Ocean

By: Tatum Simons & Katherine Herman

Hello, our names are Tatum Simons and Katherine Herman, and today we are going to tell you about Billy and his experience with Keith, the Genie. First, you will need a little bit of background information. First of all, this all started about four and a half days ago. Billy’s a normal seven year old living in his momś basement in the suburbs of Alabama. His 24 year old friend, Chet, also living in Billy's momś basement, loves to track the weather of Kentucky, the home of KFC. Then, Billy ran away. If you want to know what happens after that, read our next story. Just kidding, that is called suspense.

The story starts on one pretty ugly day in Alabama, when Billy was on his personal playground, the one all rich kids have, and he mysteriously found an iPod Nano in his sandbox. Later that night, while he was listening to some hardcore, head banging rock on his new iPod, the music stopped. He suddenly screamed like a five year old girl when she sees a pony in her living room on Christmas. Then there was a giant,  sparkly blue genie in his room with a shiny hat that said, “ Happy New Year.”

¨Name your wishes!¨ Keith, the Genie, exclaimed.

¨Ahhh! What?! Wait a minute, who are you?¨ Billy  screamed.

¨ I am Keith! I’m sure you´ve heard all about me!¨ he yelled.

¨ If I knew who you were I wouldn't ask!¨ Billy said.

¨ Brat!¨ Keith mumbled under his breath.

Now Billy being the spoiled kid he is, he immediately said he wanted a high definition flat screen T.V. That is definitely one way to waste a wish, because with a blink of an eye and a small poof  Keith made a small six inch T.V. appear.

¨What is that old piece of garbage?¨ asked Billy.

¨ Its your new T.V. that I won on The Price is Right in 1973

Billy was mad. M-A-D. Oddly enough he asked for a hot chick. Once again there was a small poof and a sweating baby chicken appeared. That's pretty crazy because we don't think chickens can sweat, but that's just how the story goes. We understand Billy was only seven, but after our research we found out he wanted a baby chicken that was on fire. He was a very messed up child, plus he didn't learn to dress himself until yesterday. We learned that in our interview this morning, at his momś house, in her basement, by the laundry machines, while sitting on  a wooden chair, with a small cushion on it, in front of Billy, next to Chetś bed (who was sleeping).

Anyway back to the story. At this point Billy was mad, pretty mad, very  mad. He went to tell Chet. After walking a whole four feet to Chetś bed he woke him up and told him.

¨ No way! I don't believe your nonsense,¨ exclaimed Chet.

¨ I’m telling you the truth Chet,¨ Billy said.

¨ Maybe you are lying about not lying,¨ Chet said.

¨ That doesn't make any sense Chet,¨ Billy shouted.

Billy eventually gave up on trying to tell Chet that a genie that he didn't know was in the house and was ruining everything. Chet made a good point when he said that the genie didn't ruin anything. He just didn't give him what he wanted. Billy then stormed away. One hour later the genie died leaving his wife to be sad and lonely for the rest of her life. Just kidding. Suspense, remember?

One hour later, Billy actually overheard Keith and his wife talking about taking over the world,  so his genie friends could live there and make the humans be their servants. That was after Billy told us of their ramblings about divorce, not cleaning out the macaroni and cheese pan, and playing chess with a bunch of losers, but never mind that.

Billy told us Keithś plan to take over the world. It wasn't a very good one but we’ll  tell you anyway. He planned to get all humans to come to a party that would have unlimited pizza. He said that it could attract humans because all humans like pizza. (Who does Keith think we are, a bunch of animals?)   He would use special pills to make us sleep forever. Everybody went to the party, so his plan was working until a brave knight came in and… ate all of the pizza so everyone went home. It's not like he was brave enough to fight Keith. Keith is a genie; they can't be defeated. At least that's what we thought. He only had two plans. The second one was that he would run for king of the world and take over all humans. Once again we don't think that there is such thing as king of the world but that is just as the story goes. The humans of the world voted for him because he is a genie and genies are cool. He was then the ruler of the world, and you could only imagine how that turned out.

Billy had to do something. After three very quiet and stressful hours he knew what he had to do. Keith was living somewhere in the North Pole, and didn't bring his stuff from his magic lamp. That was the key to victory ( for Billy anyway ). Billy reminded Keith that he needed his stuff from Billy's momś basement, so Keith went back to Billyś house. While Keith was getting his stuff, Billy grabbed the lamp and broke it, burned it, and threw it in the ocean. It was over. It was finally over! Keith was still in the lamp when a huge mushroom cloud exploded and separated two people, one of the people being Caitlin Snow´s best friend, Ronnie Raymond, but thatś irrelevant. Keith was still in the lamp when Billy threw it in the ocean. As Billy rode away into the sunset on Chet, he thought about his victory dancing on a stick with a chicken. There was a large splash behind him, and when he looked, there was Keith.

¨”Hiiiiiiiiii Billy!!!!!¨ Keith said as he waved his hand under his chin.

Billy screamed in horror and moved to Texas. So, yeah. That is the end. I know you were expecting more, but that is all Billy told us, and we have nothing else. Bye!

Why She Never Came Back

By: Naysa Gallegos and Katherine Herman

July 9, 1972

3:23 p.m

Dear Diary,

Today was absolutely terrifying. It was a normal day in my 13 year old life at the park with Emma ( she's my best friend). When we heard the sound that almost every child wants to hear; the ice cream truck song. Emma quickly  rushed over as she emptied her pockets. She said she would be right back. She was going to get us ice cream, when I saw a bony hand grab her arm. Next thing I knew, the truck was driving away at 20 miles per hour over the speed limit. Luckily I was quick to think, so I quickly hopped on my bike and followed the truck. After 11 tiring minutes, the guy who snatched Emma finally pulled over. I immediately got off my bike and walked to the truck. The man slowly crept out of the truck with Emma in his arms.

As soon as he saw me, he dashed away insanely  saying, “It wasn't my fault! It wasn't my fault!”

I memorized the license plate. I grabbed my bike, got on it, and rode to my house to tell my parents. When I finally got home, my parents didn't believe me, no matter how much I said that I wasn't lying. After I finished my unuseful conversation with my parents, I decided to take matters into my own hands.

July 17, 1972

5:30 p.m

Dear Diary,

I  found her lying in the garage of that despicable man that took her. It was right next to the ice cream truck again. Luckily I remembered the license plate, and I was sure it was the one. I saw her foot underneath the garage door. I ran over hoping she was just asleep. When I got over there, I  found her lying unconscious. I picked her up and rushed her to the hospital as fast as I could.

July 31, 1972

1:19 p.m

Dear Diary,

Just when I felt Emma was going to be okay, my parents  

received a call from the hospital at 2 a.m saying that my family and I should be there as soon as possible. When we got there, her whole family was there listening to the doctor explain her condition. According to the doctor she had horrible head injuries because of a fall. I was looking at the heart monitor when the line went still. There was a sudden movement when she got only one word out, “Goodbye,” and that's when I felt  my heart shatter.

August 14, 1972

7:42 p.m

Dear Diary,

I just got back from her funeral. We found out that the kidnapper, known as Rodger Jones, was found. He was put in jail for multiple kidnappings and murders. He was INSANE. Insane  with a capital I-N-S-A-N- and E . He had escaped from an asylum several times in several different places. I was standing at her grave and all I could think about was her saying she would be right back with ice cream, but she never did come back.

            Rosie the Riveter

                                          By: Tatum Simons


Rosie the Riveter was the lady in the “We Can Do It!” poster that was painted by J. Howard Miller on May 29, 1943. She was a cultural icon during World War II.  The Rosie in the picture is a fictional character, but the real-life Rosie was Geraldine Hoff Doyle. The fictional Rosie the Riveter was created by the government of the U.S.A. “Rosie” was made to encourage women to go to work during WWII. There was a shortage of workers because most men were called away to war. Rosie the Riveter was also a symbol of feminism. The term, “Rosie the Riveter” was used in a song by Redd Evans and John Jacob Lee in 1942. Rosie made a big difference to women in the country.

Because of Rosie

Many things happened because of Rosie. Between 1940 and 1945; the percentage of women working in the U.S. grew from 27% to 37%, which is equal to about six million. She helped women of all ages around the country have the opportunity to work. She also helped by encouraging ladies of all backgrounds to roll up their sleeves and go to work to help with war effort. They helped build planes and other tools needed for the war. She also influenced the fashion for women in the U.S.

Fun Facts

There are  many fun facts revolving around “Rosie the Riveter’s” history. The real Rosie, Geraldine Hoff Doyle, was born in Inkster, Michigan, on July 31, 1924. Also, in 1943, the U.S. aircraft industry employed more than 300,000 women.  Also, there is a “American Rosie the Riveter Association.” The iconic Rosie the Riveter represented the women who worked in factories and shipyards during WWII.


In conclusion, Rosie the Riveter was and still is an icon for women in the U.S. She taught women to go to work and to help their country.  Rosie the Riveter was a legend and the best reseprentation for women and girls in the U.S.A.

The Trip to Michigan

By: Tatum Simons

It all started off as a normal day at the Harris house. Grace had just woken her two younger siblings, Liam and Amelia, from their deep sleep.

“ Family Meeting!!!” yelled their mom from the living room.

All of the kids ran downstairs and plopped onto the couch. Once they were all in the living room, their mom told them she had some news.

“ Since it is spring break, we decided we are going to Michigan!” said mom.

“ Why? I wanted to go to Disneyland!” complained Amelia.

“ Amelia, we can't afford that. Now, go pack your suitcases,¨ Mom replied.

The kids ran upstairs and got their suitcases packed and ready to go. The next morning, they put them in the car and headed off.

A few minutes later, they started driving.

“ When can we get food?” Amelia pouted.

“ Amelia, we haven't even been in the car for 20 minutes!” Liam responded.

Two hours later, they stopped at a restaurant called Chicken On A Stick, which was Liam's favorite place to eat.

When they were done, they started driving again, but their dad realized they were low on gas. They kept driving, while looking for a gas station. All of a sudden, the car came to a complete stop.

“ No, no, no, this can't be happening!” Mom said in a worried voice.

“ Mom, what happened?” asked Amelia.

“ Nothing, kids get out of the car,” Mom demanded.

“ Okay!” all of the kids said at the same time.

The kids got out of the car while their mom tried to call a tow truck.

“ The tow company said they don't know where we are!” Mom said with a scared voice.

“ That’s  fine, I think I know how to fix the car, and  there are some tools in the back.” Dad said with hope.

“ How would you know how to fix a car?” Mom questioned.

“I wanted that to be my job for a little while!” he said.

After an hour of trying to fix the car, they got it up and running. They continued to drive, went through Michigan, and got to Lake Superior. They started walking with their tour group around the lake.

BAM!!!! Liam slipped and fell into the lake!

“ NO, LIAM!” Grace screamed as she tried to catch him, but he had already fallen in.

“ Hello, 911?” mom yelled as the tour guide ran over.

“Yes, what is your emergency?” the person on the phone said.

“ My 10 year old son, Liam, just slipped and fell into Lake Superior!” mom responded.

“Stay calm, we will be there in a few minutes,” the person on the phone responded, trying to keep her calm.

“ A few minutes? You need to be here now!” mom said while trying  to hold back the tears.

When the firefighters and the ambulance arrived, they searched high and low to find Liam.

“ What happened to him?” both Grace and Amelia asked.

“ Nothing, he will be back soon,” Mom lied.

Mom pulled out her phone and saw a news report that said, “Ten  year old, Liam Harris, fell into Lake Superior,” and Mom fell to her knees and started to sob.

“ Sorry, we can’t find him,” a firefighter said with sadness in his voice.

“ NO, why?! My precious baby boy is gone!” Mom yelled.

She pulled her phone out and saw many reports about her son, who would be gone forever. They decided to leave and go home.

A few days after they got home, they had a funeral service at his favorite park, Washington Park, and drove two hours to get dinner at Chicken On A Stick.

Once they got home, their mom made it as clear as glass that they would never leave Colorado ever again.

The Night of The Gnomes

By: Katherine Herman, Naysa Gallegos,

Ruby Testerman, and Ryker Thomas

“We're stuck please help us!”screamed the four girls.

It all started on Friday the 13th when four girls had the same nightmare about gnomes attacking them. A  few weeks passed and nothing happened, so the girls all planned on trick or treating together on Halloween night.

Halloween finally arrived, and they were trick or treating when the four girls came upon a creepy, five story mansion. Nikki, the daredevil, dared everybody to sleep in that spooky house for the night. Everyone agreed, even unsure, scared Renae, the sporty, athletic Skylar, and the 100% gnome lover Katie.

Once the girls walked in, the door slammed behind them and Skylar gave a terrifying smirk. A few minutes later, three little trick or treaters came up to the door, and Nikki dared Skylar to take the poor girl´s candy. As usual, Skylar accepted the dreadful challenge and stole the miserable triplets´ candy by distracting them with water balloon bombs and then dashing inside with candy, Candy, CANDY!!! As expected, the triplets brought their mother who turned out to be Renae, Niki, Skylar, and Katie’s horrible, horrendous third grade teacher, Mrs. Hunter-Hailey. The girls all hid and turned the lights off. While doing so, the girls all fell asleep. While everybody was sleeping, Renae woke up to the sound of candy wrappers unwrapping. Renae got very nervous and woke up all the other girls. Once they all woke up, Katie and Skylar looked out the window to see a gnome with scissors pointing at them. Then he ran away with an evil laugh…


the evil gnome maniacally. “HAHA!!!”

Skylar and Katie flashed over to where Nikki and Renae were. Once they told both girls, they all screamed as loud as they could; even the neighbor could hear them. Then, a loud pounding noise came from outside and stubborn, obnoxious Nikki opened the door. All of a sudden Skylar charged at the door and then realized it was the…  NEIGHBOR?! Mr. Peterson questioned them about the loud, hideous scream.

“What’s going on girls?” asked Mr.Peterson, who had a king-sized candy bar in his hand.

“Some gnomes are trying to kill us,” the four girls abruptly shouted.

“That's nonsen….. BANG!!!” and right before he could finish his sentence, a gnome with a shovel hit him in the head  and dragged him across the floor saying,“SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!”

All of them were shocked, and suddenly the door slammed behind them. Renae then tried to open the door, and it wouldn’t budge.

They all screamed, “We’re stuck, please help us!!!”

After that treacherous sight, they decided to check every window, or try to find a trap door. Secretly, four different gnomes named, Keith (the daredevil), Sweety (the girly girl), Nick (the elegant one), and Guniphillis (the nerd) snuck in through a window. They then separated each girl into a different room. Keith slithered Renae into the reptile room, Sweety elegantly strutted Skylar into the makeup room, Nick tangoed Nikki into the ballroom, and Guniphillis instructed Katie to enter the study. It seemed as if there was no way out.

These are the facts: Nikki said she was getting her dance shoes and a red salsa dress and escaped. Renae had Keith showed her all of the different kinds of reptiles, and while he was talking, she tiptoed away. Skylar was an inch away from getting makeup on her face but asked Sweetie to get the dress she picked out.  She got away in the nick of time. Then Katie got Guniphillis caught up in a math problem, and she ran away while he was solving it.  

They all eventually reunited. While trying to figure out an escape plan, Renae wandered off alone. Skylar, Katie, and Nikki all ran down the hallways trying to find where Renae had gone.They all came to a dead end with two different passage ways to go. One led to the gym and the other to the library.

In less than a second they all said,“Library!” As they suspected she was in the library. They found her hidden behind stacks and stacks of books.

Skylar abruptly shouted, “What are you doing? You need to be helping us figure out a plan, not reading about unicorns! I personally do not want to be gnome food!”

“Calm down, I’m researching facts about gnomes. I've only found that they live in gardens.” They just didn't know what to do.

“Lets just go and kill them!” exclaimed Renae.

“I didn't know you had that in you,” said Katie

Nikki asked, “Wait. How do you kill a gnome? Wouldn't they...”Just then the door swung open. Evil gnomes rolled in.

“Die you stupid gnomes! I like my life!” announced Katie.

“No, no. We don't want harm you. We just want your candy, man,” said Guniphillis

“Wait, then why did you do the scissor thing?” asked Nikki

“I just wanted to cut open the candy wrapper and eat the delicious candy that was inside,” said Guniphillis.

“What about the dream?” asked Renae.

“Wait I had that dream,” blurted Skylar.

“Me too!” said Nikki and Katie at the same time.

“It must just be a coincidence,” they agreed.

They all decided to go to the store and buy the gnomes some candy, and they lived happily ever after.

“Wait, wait, wait. You thought this story was over?” asked Guniphillis.

“It is.” whispered Sweetie in her high pitched voice.“

Savage Yodas

By: Acacia Spears, Bridget Foutch, Tatum Simons

Well, let’s be honest; Lexi Luther was the prettiest girl in Thunder Clap Middle School, but she was far from the smartest.

Wait, shouldn't we go back a little? Caleb and Whitney were walking down the main hallway, hand-in-hand, when Caleb saw Lexi Luther for the first time. They were in almost every class together, and he just couldn’t stand it anymore. In chemistry, the only class they didn’t have together, Caleb wrote Lexi a note telling her to meet him under the bleachers after school.

Later, Lexi decided to go and see if Caleb was actually there. When she arrived, she saw Caleb talking to Whitney. When she got closer,, she heard, “ Sorry Whitney, it’s over.”

“ Why?” Whitney questioned.

“ I’ve fallen for Lexi,” Caleb answered.

Whitney ran away from the bleachers, but then she tripped on a rock and fell on her face.

After that day, Whitney thought her bad luck was gone, but then school got harder and harder by the second.

A few weeks later, Whitney decided to dropout of school.

A month later, she decided to go to her local grocery store, Winn Dixie, to buy balloons.

She snuck them up to her room, opened her window, and tied them to her wrists. She kissed her dog, Stitch, goodbye and flew up, up, and away into the sky.

When she reached the sky, she ran into a mysterious figure and realized it was the one and only, Luke Skyrunner.

A few days after that,they got married at the Fair Church, by the Milky Way.

One year after they got married, they decided to have babies.

Nine months passed and the babies were finally born. Whitney and Luke figured out they had 60 baby Yodas. They decided to keep 62. (They obviously adopted.)

One night, the Yodas snuck out and took their Star 600 new and improved jet packs.

Once they came to Earth, they got sick and tired of being laughed at because they were different, so the decided to turn savage and take over the world.

After their meeting at the Devil’s Tower, they took over Earth and rename it Snickers. They built a machine to turn the human race into slaves and Whitney unknowingly decided to pay them a visit.

“What have you done to my home?¨ Whitney said when she got there. ¨Wait till I tell your father about your decisions!¨

She sent them home and couldn't help but notice a strange knocking at her hotel room door. She answered and there was Caleb standing there in a suit with flowers.

¨ Can I have another chance?¨ Caleb asked

¨ What happened to Lexi?¨ she asked with annoyment in her voice.

¨ She fell down our 627 stairs to heaven and got remarried to a weird brownish- green figure..¨

¨ Sorry, I am married to another man, named Luke.¨

¨ What is his last name?¨ Caleb asked politely

¨ Skyrunner,¨ Whitney answered..

¨ So you are now Mrs. Skyrunner?¨ Caleb said stating the obvious.

¨Yes. Bye Felicia,¨ she said as she slammed the door. She realized that there were little fingers stuck in the door.

“The babies just got sent to Camp Newbery-Bagel,¨ Luke texted.

Camp Newberry-Bagel is located in the middle of space. They have to stay there for 21 months, and get fed moldy bagels made by their chef Patricia. They have to dig stars 5 feet wide and 5 feet deep.

A few months later, Luke went missing.

Later that day Whitney was watching Space 975 and ¾ news channel, when she discovered Luke went missing trying to get their babies back.

¨ But, but…..HOW?!¨ she said as she started to sob. She heard a familiar knock at the door.

¨ What do you want Caleb?¨ Whitney said trying to hold back the tears.
¨ I  just want talk,¨ Caleb said.

She wiped the tears off her face before she opened the door.

¨I just  heard,¨ he said as he held in a tight hug.

¨Did you just smell my hair?¨ she asked

¨ Excuse you!¨ Luke yelled as he walked in the room in his bathrobe.

¨ Ok, bye!¨ Caleb said as he walked out the door.

¨Luke, I thought you were captured!¨ said Whitney.

¨I made a deal with the babies, that they go to Mars and take control over it, and I get to go back home, so here I am!¨

Then, they decided to go their separate ways because Whitney decided to go to beauty school. They jumped out the window, expecting to fly, but they fell 5,722,972 stories and landed inside a star hole. Eventually, they started  a new life without each other.