21st Century Learning Stevens Elementary

Parents and/or Guardians,                                                                                          

As this new school year begins, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself and the various opportunities Stevens will have available for your children. My name is Molly McMorrow and I am the coordinator of the 21st Century Learning Grant at Stevens Elementary.

Two years ago, Stevens was awarded this grant by the State of Colorado. The grant provides Stevens the ability to offer a wide variety of academic opportunities as well as enrichment activities for students and families.

This year we are pleased to provide students with an array of after school clubs that have been carefully selected to ensure students are provided the best resources. We have broken the school year up into 5 equal sessions each being 6 weeks long. We then will take one week between sessions for registration and enrollment for the upcoming session

As coordinator of the 21st Century Learning, it is my job to ensure that student and family needs are being met. Please feel free to contact me at any point throughout the year if you have any questions or concerns regarding after school clubs. Please also feel free to contact me regarding any ideas you may have regarding enrichment or after-school activities you would like to see offered.  


In Partnership,


Molly McMorrow

21st Century Learning


Voicemail: 303.982.2198