College degrees

Stephen Hawking earned his bachelor's degree in math and physics at Oxford University. Stephen earned his master's and PhD at Cambridge University.


Stephen Hawking developed a mathmatical proof for black holes. He proved Einstein's theory of general relativity. Through math and science, Stephen redefined the Big Bang theory. Also Stephen Hawking proved the universe has no boundaries.


Stephen Hawking celebrates Sir Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein in his book called A Brief History of Time. A lot of people bought that book. And that book made him famous. But that's not all that he's written. He also wrote A Briefer History of Time. He also wrote books with his daughter Lucy, such as George's Secret Key to the Universe and George's Cosmic Treasure Hunt. These books were bestsellers.

Book Report

"George's Cosmic Treasure Hunt is a terrific adventure story packed with drama and excitement! Plus, there are loads of real facts about space and the cosmos." - Simon and Schuster

Awards and honors

Stephen Hawking has won many awards and honors such as Pius XI gold medal for science.

He has also won the Albert Einstein medal. Stephen Hawking was awarded Order of the British Empire by Queen Elizabeth the II in person. So he is Sir Stephen Hawk ing.

Stephen Hawking has won the Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Barack Obama.

TV programs

Stephen Hawking has also been in many TV shows such as Stephen Hawking: Master of the Universe. He also was in the Universe with Stephen Hawking. All together Stephen Hawking has been in 44 TV programmes.

Fun Fact

Stephen Hawking has been a guest in four different episodes of The Simpsons.