Exceptional Student Services Team

Back: April Delauro, Andrew Bilder, Ben Bailey, Dorothy Satchell, Bailey Hoerning, Sarah Puff (counselor), Darla Anderl, Brendan Gross, Diana Rarich, Brian Killcoyne
Front: Jacquie Cameron, Sarah Roberts (Asst. Principal), Andrew Blackman, Kristy Gast, Abbey Oxenfeld, Tricia Reeves, Kris Johnson, Chris Rieks, Kai Partch (missing-Ross Old)
Ms. Diana Rarich
Social Worker and Department Manager, 303-982-3921
Ms. Abbey Oxenfield
Speech Language Pathology Assistant, 303-982-3296 
(Tu, Wed, Thurs, and Fri AM at SLHS)
Mr. Andrew Blackman
Learning Specialist, 303-982-0993
Mr. Brendan Gross
Learning Specialist, 303-982-3277
Mr. Andrew Bilder
Learning Specialist, 303-982-4276 - website
Mrs. Jacquie Cameron
Learning Specialist,   303-982-3266
Ms. Bailey Hoerning
Significant Support Needs teacher, 303-982-3253
Mrs. April Delauro
District Nurse, 303-982-4093
Ms. Kris Johnson, Ms. Kristy Gast, Mr. Ben Bailey
Paraeducators with SSN: Ms. Tricia Reeves, Ms. Chris Rieks, Mr. Brian Killcoyne, Ms. Kai Partch, Mr. Ross Old