Chem/Physics Expectations

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Chemistry & Physics Principles Fall 2017     

Tacher: Mr. Reeves               Email: 

Periods class is taught:  1st, 3rd, 6th, & 7th.        Periods the teacher is available for help: 2, 4, & 5          

A students grade is their responsibility, if they need help or have questions they must come ask for help when the teacher has the time to help.  Be persistent!!!!

About this class:This class is designed for students who do not do well in traditional classrooms.  Therefore, if your student does not need accommodations or is not in need of special help in math, your student should be taking regular Physics or regular Chemistry.

This class is still a Chemistry & Physics based course and that means there is math involved, but your student will be allowed to use notes and a calculator on all exams.  The level of the math is easier than the traditional Physics & Chemistry classes.  If your student is incapable of doing any math then this is not a good course to be taking.

One of the accommodations for this class is there is little to no Homework (except for a couple of projects).  Most of the work will be done in class and all of the work done in class will be collected at the end of class.  This means that if your student has an attendance issue this class might present some problems for your student.  A student who misses a class is expected to come in and ask for the alternative assignment to makeup the work they missed.  They are not allowed to just copy the data from a friend.  Please note that even if I do collect an assignment it does not guarantee that it will be graded.  I do grade over 90% of all of the work collected, but there are some assignments that are not graded and I will not tell the student ahead of time which they are. 

Once I have collected the assignments, I will grade them and return them to the students and if your student did not finish an assignment in class or did not get a good grade on that assignment, your student can take the assignment take the assignment home after it has been returned and finish or correct the assignment and I will re-grade it.

This is a lab based science class and improper behavior can endanger not only the student doing the behavior, but also everyone else in the class, so improper or dangerous behavior will result in immediate referrals to the office.

Passes you may only use the pass if you get permission from the teacher,and you must sign out on the sheet for passes.   If you leave without the teachers permission or you are gone an unreasonable amount of time you will have to go get a Raptor Pass or you will be marked absent,  If the problem persists you receive a referral.  

Discipline- This year the classes are filled to over the recommended level,  so any disruptive behavior cannot be tolerated.  Any students displaying disruptive behavior will be told to go across the hall to the science lab, until the tacher gives them permission  to return to class.  This behavior includes but is not limited to; talking instead of listening to the teacher, listening to music  instead of listening to the teacher, playing on their cell phone  instead of listening to the teacher, running around the room instead of working, throwing anything in class, or any behavior that distracts the other students.  If the inappropriate behavior persists the student will be referred to the administration. 

Due to the enhanced possibility of bodily harm being inflicted to your student or others when doing labs, discipline will be strictly enforced whenever labs are taking place .

School wide attendance policy

•       Tardies:    If you are late to class (meaning you physically are not in the classroom), you must get a pass from the “Raptor” system to be admitted to class.  Detentions will be assigned automatically once 5 total tardies are accumulated, with escalating consequences from there.  Quizzes missed because of tardies can only be made up after school. Teachers may no longer write a pass to excuse a student for being late to class.
Absences: Unexcused absences will result in loss of fun classroom activities, missing instruction that will help you be successful, and escalating disciplinary consequences.  As unexcused absences accumulate, I will call home and if that does not work referals to administration, with results including; detentions, in- or out- of school suspensions, and legal action will result..


My personel attendance policy

Absences – I take attendance using the seating chart, so be in your seat.  I call out the names of the people I am marking absent so you need to listen.  I will not change an absence to a tardy unless I receive a “Raptor” pass

This class is focused on what happens in the classroom.  All work will be turned in at the end of every class period.   There will be little to no homework.  Copying other peoples work will not count for making up missing work.  With all of this in mind a student who misses a class is expected to come in and ask for the alternative assignment to makeup the work they missed.  They are not allowed to just copy the data from a friend.   If a student is absent, they are expected to use the Resource period and failure to do so will hurt their grade.   The teacher will also be available before or after school if you make an appointment. 

If the student leaves the classroom without permission, the student will have to get a raptor pass or they will be marked absent

Tardies - If you are not in your seat, quiet and ready to go at the bell, you will be marked absent unless you sign in on the tardy sheet that will be made available after class is over. 

Coming in and picking the pass up is not a valid excused tardy, and you will be marked absent  unless you recieve permission to use the pass. 

Sometimes there will be a quiz given at the start of class, these quizzes will be given without notices at the very start of class and any student who is late will not be allowed to take the quiz until the end of the school day at 3:20.  If a student fails to make the quiz up they will receive a 0 for that assignment.

If you are tardy pass privileges will be lost for that day.

 The end of class is when your teacher tells you.  The bell does not release you; your teacher does.  At the end of class it is expected that all students will be in their seats and quiet, and the room will be neat and orderly.  Only when all of this is done, will the class be told that they can leave.  Some times a student or group of students who has demonstrated a good work ethic for that day may be allowed to leave class early while all other students will be required to wait for the end of class.



  1. Blank notebook paper.
  2. A # 2 pencil
  3. A Calculator (a phone is not acceptable)


The Students Grade will be Based on the Following Items:

        10% - class participation- points will be lost for not being in class and not  paying attention.
Examples of how you will lose points include– talking when you should be listening, playing with your cell phone instead of working, Tardies, listening to music when you should be listening to the teacher, leaving class, and anything else not conducive to learning

40% - Labs and Daily Work- This includes all work done in the classroom, including the work you might have to take home to finish. 

15% - Quizzes - there should be about 1larger quiz per week, plus a few smaller ones.  The quizzes will be given without notices at the very start of class and any student who is late will not be allowed to take the quiz until the end of the school day at 2:30. 

25% - Unit Tests – there should be around 3-4 per semester.  These are open note tests.

20% - Final - It will be over all of the material covered in the semester.  This is an open note Final.


You’re Work

Work for this class will be primarily completed during class, so to be successful you must use class time wisely.

Neatness counts, if you’re work is not readable, it will not be accepted.   All questions must be answered in complete thoughts and you must leave a blank line between all answers.

All work must follow the specific instructions for that assignment, or you will loose points on that assignment.

All work that is turned in late, due to an excused absence, must have “ABSENT” written on it or it will not be accepted for full credit.  All late work must be turned into the” LATE” basket and it will be graded by the end of the semester.  If you desire to have late work or missing work immediately graded and entered into the grade book, you must come in during a teacher planning period or student resource period and wait around until you can ask the teacher to grade and enter the assignment into the grade book.

Plagiarism is not acceptable for any reason except for taking notes and even then you will learn more if you put the notes in your own words.  For assignments, all words need to be your own.  Copying an answer from a friend or lab partner is plagiarism and will result in both the parties receiving a Zero for the assignment

If you are working in a group and any one member Plagiarizes on the assignment then all members of that group will be punished for plagiarism.

Class time is to be used to work on current assignments, if you have questions about your grade or assignments that you are missing, those questions will only be addressed during teacher planning time or you can look at the parent portal or teacher web site.  Remember during class you need to be working on the current assignment.