PSAT, SAT and CMAS Science Practice

While the PSAT and SAT do not have specific science sections, they do test scientific reasoning in both the verbal and math sections.  As with everything, practice will improve your score.  

There are many ways to practice, but Khan Academy offers free, personalized practice for all of the tests.  The links to their websites are below.

Khan Academy SAT practice

The Science CMAS test has practice on-line through the link below, if you would like to familiarize yourself with the test.

Click on the link below. Use Google Chrome, not Internet Explorer. 

1.  Select Colorado from the pull down menu
2. Click the "ePAT" tab at the top
3.  Scroll down to "TestNav 8 High School Science ePAT", not the PDF verson.
4.  Now you can take the practice test