September -

 September  Assignments                             Documents/Videos
 12 Review of Oxidation States; Begin Redox POGIL 
 13           Finish POGIL Review LEO/GER, Balancing 

 15Balancing Redox Equation Practice
Begin Activity Series Lab
Start Reading Ch. 18
 16Finish Activity Series Lab - due Monday 
 19 Lab due; go over Thermo test (Redo if you got less than %75)
Voltaic Cell Notes
 20 Finish Voltaic Cell Notes  
 22     Volatic Cell Lab - due Monday  
Work on Practice Problems 
Practice Volatic Cell Problem
Finish lab Writeup 
 26 Lab due
Notes:  SHE & Delta G
 27 POGIL - Concentration Cells & Faraday's Constant
 29Recap POGIL's
Lab:  Electrolysis Microscale
 30 Quiz - redox & volatic cells  
Go over quiz
Electroplating notes
Read text from IB book about electrolysis examples you need to know
How Batteries Work
Thornley vids:  electrolysis of solutions
HW:  practice problems electrolysis 
Richard Thornley Electrolysis of Solutions
 6 go over problems
 Redox Titration Lab
 7         Winkler Method video
finish lab - due Tuesday
Richard Thornley Winkler Method
10Go over Winkler method practice Problems
Work on review problems for test - see answers below
Lab due tomorrow

11IA discussion & timetable

12Test - electrochemistry     
Redox Kahoot #1
Redox Kahoot #2

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