Unit 10: Light and the Universe

Are We There Yet?  Scientific Notation

Big Bang Web Search (first half)
Big Bang Web Search (second half)



Analyzing The Universe at Multiple Wavelengths (10:22)

The Electromagnetic Spectrum (2:55)

Electromagnetic Spectrum: Radio Waves (3:58)

Electromagnetic Spectrum: Microwaves (3:23)

Electromagnetic Spectrum Basics (30:35)

Electromagnetic Spectrum: Introduction (5:20)

Savage Sun [1 of 3] (15:00)

Savage Sun [2 of 3] (15:00)

Savage Sun [3 of 3] (15:00)

The Sun (43:28)

Powers Of 10 (9:01)

The Known Universe (6:31)

Nuclear Fusion in the sun (4min)

The Universe:  How big, how far, how fast (44:04)

The Universe: Secrets of the Sun (44:21)

The Universe: Supernova (44:28)

The Universe: Black Holes (44:28)

The Universe: Alien Faces (44:25)

The Universe: Gravity (44:22)

The Universe: Dark Matter (44:25)

The Universe: Life and Death of a Star (44:31)

The Universe: Life and Death of a Star (44:31)

The Future of VY Canis Majoris (2:56)

The Universe: Alien Galaxies (44:35)

The Universe: Beyond the Big Bang (1:30:32)

The Universe: Multivers_Parallel Universes (44:02)

The Universe: Strangest Things in the Universe (44:28)

The Universe: Pulsars & Quasars (45:00)

The Universe: The Edge of Space (44:26)

The Universe: Constellations (44:28)

The Universe: The Most Dangerous Place in the Universe (44:36)

The Universe: The Moon (44:32)

The Universe: Biggest Things in Space (44:26)

The Universe: Nebulas (44:28)

The Universe: Biggest Blasts (45:00)

Exploding Stars (20:18)

The Universe: Time Travel (44:01)

The Universe: Light Speed (44:30)

Monster of the Milky Way (51:07)

Black Holes: The Other Side of Infinity (22:58)

Cosmic Journeys: When Will Time End? (21:15)

Cosmic Journeys: Is the Universe Infinite (22:54)

Cosmic Journeys: How Large is the Universe? (20:13)

To the Edge of Time (21:11)

Will the Earth Survive the Sun's Red Giant Phase? (6:10)

Star Size Comparison (2:33)

Black Hole Comparison (4:09)

How a Black Hole would destroy the Earth (3:13)