Unit 4: Igneous Activity & Mountain Building


Unit 3 Assignment Sheet

Volcano Research Note card

Eruptions & Forms of Volcanoes Worksheet

Mountains of the world CPU activity

Yellowstone Hot Spot Reading & Questions

Age of the Hawaiian Islands Activity

Danger on the Horizon Reading & Questions

Mechanical Weathering Lab

Chemical Weathering Lab 

Raising the Rockies Reading

Volcano Review Sheet

Nova Video: Doomsday Volcanoes Worksheet

Nova Video:  Deadliest Volcanoes Worksheet


Web/Text Links

The Dynamic Earth - Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

Yellowstone Interactive

Mountains of the World Web Site (Mountain Professor)

Volcano Powerpoint

Mountain Building Powerpoint

Study Tools

Study Stack: Plate Tectonics & Igneous Activity

Prentice Hall Study Tools:  Volcanoes

Prentice Hall Study Tools:  Mountains


Igneous Activity & Mtn Building Practice Test


Video/Audio/ Links

Pyroclastic Flow (1:12)

Mega Disasters:  Yellowstone super volcano (43min)

Super Volcano (44:50)

Nova:  Doomsday Volcanoes (52:52)
Deadleist Volcanoes: NOVA (54:00)

National Geographic- Volcano: Nature's Inferno

Mega Disasters-Yellowstone Eruption (45:01)

Hawaii's Hotspot (3:05)

Formation of Hawaii (5:25)

How the Earth was Made Hawaii (3:10)

A New Island Hawaii (4:03)

Nova Volcano 1987 (54:11)

Nova- Volcanoes of the Deep (56:51)

PBS Violent Hawaii (51:03)

PBS Kilauea: Mountain of fire (50:02)

Nova- Deadliest Volcanoes (52:45)

Inside Rainier's Steam Vents (1:00)

Huge Rockfall on Rainier (2:00)

Rainier Lahar (3:00)

Tsunami overtakes buildings (7:41)