Unit 3: Continental Drift & Plate Tectonics


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Continental Drift Power Point

Plate Tectonics Power Point




Plate Tectonics, Volcanoes, and Earthquakes (04:50)

Plate Tectonics Theory (8:26)

Discovering Math: Generalization- Continental Drift (9:19

Continental Drift Notes Explained (great if you missed class 10min)

BBC Earth Story:  The Deep -Continental Drift & Sea Floor Spreading (48:23)

BBC Earth Story:  Center of the Earth (49:09)

100 Greatest Discoveries:  Continental Drift (2:12)

100 Greatest Discoveries: Plate Tectonics (02:06)

100 Greatest Discoveries: Earth's Magnetic Field (02:34)

100 Greatest Discoveries: The Center of the Earth (01:27)

100 Greatest Discoveries:  Earth's Core (2:38)

Alfred Wegener Song (3min)

Continental Drift -The world 400my from now (1min)

Animation of Continental Drift 400mya to now (3min)

Mantle Convection Video (2min)

Sea Floor Spreading/Hess Clip (2min)

100 Greatest Discoveries: Sea Floor Spreading (4:02)

Plate Tectonics Video Clip (1min)

Divergent Plate Boundary No Audio (1min)

Plate Boundary Rap (2:34)

Drone Video of Iceland Volcano 10/2014 (0:55)

CBS Video of Iceland Vocano 9/2014 (3:11)

National Geographic: Colliding Continents (50:04)