Chemistry: Calendar Overview
During the school year we will explore the following units.  Click on the desired month in the Navigation Bar to the left to view daily lesson plans, and to download assignments and helpful PowerPoints from that month.

Unit 1: Data Analysis, Classification of Matter (August)

Unit 2: History, Atomic Structure (September)

Unit 3: Periodic Table; Trends within the table; History (October)

Unit 4: The Mole and Molecular Formulas (October)

Unit 5: Naming and Writing Formulas (November)

Unit 6: Chemical Reactions (January)

Unit 7: Stoichiometry (January)

Unit 8: Solutions and Colligative Properties (February)

Unit 9: Gas Laws (March)

Unit 10: Thermodynamics (April)

Unit 11: Equilibrium, Acids and Bases (May)

Unit 12: Electrochemistry (May)