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Summer Work - Ch. 1-3 **Summer Assignment Document is Below!**

 August  Assignments/ Due Dates        
Memorization Quiz on Ions & naming/writing formulas
Summer book work due today
Class Expectations & Syllabus
Intro Activity:  Nature of Science

 20Work returned - quiz redos available until Friday 
Check your answers to summer work on your own
Ch 1& 2  Activity:  "Change you can believe in!"
Wrap up "Change" activity

HW:  PreLab - Determining a Chemical Formula
 22/23                    Lab:  Determining a Chemical Formula

HW:  Work on Lab 
 24Last Day to Redo 1st Day Quiz
Review of Mass Spectrometry
HW:  Review problems for Test
 27Lab due
Review for Test:  problems from Friday, FRQ

 28 Test Ch. 1-3 
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