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Ch. 4

 August        Documents/Videos
 26Test on Summer Stuff
Finish Chemical Formulas Lab for Monday
Download Notes Packet for Ch. 4 & start watching the videos
Ch. 4 videos folder

**You may need to download the video to see the whole thing, which requires a free Dropbox account.  See me ASAP if you have problems with this.
 29Chemical Formulas Lab due today
Begin Ch. 4 - watch videos & take notes by Thursday
Chemical Reactions & Particle Diagrams
 30    Block Day - Gravimetric Analysis Lab
Lab due Friday
 1Assembly Day - Wrap Up Lab
Should have watched all the Ch. 4 videos by now
Work on Ch. 4 problems
 2Practice with Net Ionic equations
Work on Ch. 4 problems
 5No School!

 6 Lab due today
Check notes packet
go over NI worksheet
HW:  Titrations Pre-lab
Work on Ch. 4 problems
 7Titrations Lab  
 9       Ch. 4 problems done by today - go over
Finish Lab - due Tuesday
 12Review for test
Practice problem - particle view
 13    Lab due today
 14 Test Ch. 4 
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