AP Calculus AB

Textbook Information:

You will be responsible for purchasing the Calculus textbook for next year.  There are two different books depending if you will be a junior or a senior.  The book juniors purchase will last them through Calculus BC which you may take your Senior year.  Now is a great time to get used textbooks as many college students will be selling them on amazon, ebay, or other used textbook sites.  

Calculus:  Concepts & Contexts, 4th Edition by James Stewart

Juniors:  ISBN 0-495-55742-0

Seniors: ISBN 0-495-55972-5

 AP exam (~$95)

Teacher: Carol Servatius                         
Course #:  MATH 1401                        
Section:    G15                                      
Class #:    39543                              
Cost:  $308 for 4 college credits          

Fall 2018
                (Sections 2.1-2.7)

                (Sections 2.8-3.4)          

                (Sections 3.5-4.2)

(Sections 4.3-4.8)

            Final Exam Review
            Worked Solutions

Spring 2019
              (Sections 5.1-5.9)

               (Sections 5.6-7.4)

                (March 16th - May 15th)