About Standley | Standley Lake IB Programme

Our Philosophy

The IB programme at Standley Lake High School operates under the umbrella and is immersed within the IB mission to provide all students an opportunity to engage in a rich international curriculum that provides rigorous opportunities for intercultural understanding, deep inquiry, and theory of knowledge with an international philosophy.

Our goal is to support and provide the opportunity to all students that have entered our pre-IB programme and experienced success or those taking honors level courses that inherently develop a desire to enroll in the IB programme.

For students seeking a challenge or have a specific content interest, SLHS offers a very strong AP program that provides students another avenue for college level courses. In addition we offer the IB certificate programme for students that have an interest in certain disciplines.

What SLHS Has To Offer

Standley Lake High School provides an array of academic opportunities for all students to include IB, non-IB, honors and AP courses in multiple contents. Our ability to provide advanced level courses presents a rigorous curriculum and gives students exposure to college level coursework. Students in the IB program will experience not only courses that prepare them for college, but be exposed to a deeper level of thinking, theory, and engagement with intercultural understanding and respect.

Along with our diverse academic offerings, SLHS provides multiple opportunities in fine arts, drama, music education, technology, athletics, clubs and activities. Our extensive athletic and activities provide an avenue for every student to pursue an interest, make connections, enhance a skill, and participate within a highly competitive and diverse arena. Some of those activities include but are not limited to:

  • Student Council

  • Yearbook (Award Winning)

  • National Honors Society

  • Theater

  • Forensics (Award Winning)

  • Debate (Award Winning)

  • Improv

  • Orchestra

  • Newspaper (Award Winning)

  • Pom Poms (Award Winning)

  • Cheerleading (Award Winning)

  • Marching Band (Award Winning)

  • Gaming

  • Golf

  • Softball

  • Baseball

  • Hockey

  • Cross Country

  • Soccer

  • Volleyball

  • Football

  • Basketball

  • Track and Field


Course Offerings Additional High School Requirements
  • One Semester Physical Education

  • One Semester Fine And Practical Arts

  • One Semester Of Economics


6 Exams in 6 different subject areas; Standard Level (SL) exams equal one year of instruction (with the exception of math and art); Higher Level (HL) exams equal two years of instruction. Choose one of the following combinations: 3 SL / 3 HL or 2 SL / 4 HL. Two SL exams may be taken in the junior year; more than 6 exams may be taken.


Theory of Knowledge (TOK) begins spring semester of junior year and continues up through fall semester of senior year. Theory of Knowledge is taught by Mr. McAvoy.


Creativity/Action/Service (CAS) begins in the summer after 10th grade. Each student must meet each of the 8 objective set out by CAS. Mrs. Demink is the CAS Coordinator.

Extended Essay

Extended Essay (EE) will be written with support of a faculty advisor and the EE Coordinator, Mr. Cohara. This process will begin in your Junior year.

Class Curriculum Briefs Course Offerings
Overview Of Standley Lake High School
  • Accredited high school with a high performing accreditation.

  • Continues to outperform both Jefferson County and the state scores on state and national assessments.

  • Diverse population of 1475 students to include a minority population of 23% with 20+ languages spoken in the building.

  • A community that is rich in tradition with very supportive booster clubs with tremendous parent involvement.

  • The IB teachers here at Standley Lake have worked a combined total of over 190 years as of the 2010 school year, and a majority of the teacher here at Standley Lake have a Master's or are currently working on their Master's.

  • One of only three high schools offering IB in Jefferson County.

  • Standley Lake offers thirteen IB courses.

  • Standley Lake Offers IB certificates in courses where AP does not apply, such as music and art.

  • Along with the full IB programme, Standley Lake offers eleven AP Courses.