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Deer Creek's 2019-20 Jeffco Values Awards recipients!
Exemplary Performance - Ashley Feuk
Teamwork - Mika Melvin
Valuing People - Erik Kerzee
Integrity - Chris Wright
Thank you to everyone who submitted nominations

Online Learning Communication and Announcements
We'll share communications (including past communications) on this Google document.  Please read this daily (as we also hope to reduce the number of emails sent out).  Below, you will find our Playbook for Remote Teaching as well.

Online Learning Communication

Playbook for Remote Teaching at Deer Creek

The Entrepreneurial Spirit Award is an overall district selection, not per school or department like the other Values Awards categories.  Anyone in the district may submit candidates from anywhere in the district for this award.  Three winners will be selected each year - one educator, one support staff, one administrator.  You can find more about this award and who should be considered an appropriate nominee here. Nominations are due by FRIDAY, MARCH 20 at 3:00PM.  Entrepreneurial Spirit Award Nomination Form

Weekly Outdoor Duty Schedule  

March 16 - 20     Online classes
March 23 - 27     No School
March 30 - April 3 MATH
April 6 - 10     Group 1
April 13 - 17     Group 2
April 20 - 24     SS
April 27 – May 1   ELA 

STUDENT SUCCESS TEAMS - Meet in room 223

Pikes Peak (3rd)
Crestone Needle (4th)
Longs Peak (5th)
Grays Peak (2nd)
Capitol Peak (3rd)
Pyramid Peak (6th) 



    Click here to view students we discussed last year in Student Support Team meetings. 

    Assessment Schedule 
    (subject to change)


    Upcoming Assessment Dates

    CMAS (Final)
    We will be testing whole school (all grade levels at one time) and all teachers will be helping with testing

    • March 31 - CMAS ELA and Math Session 1
    • April 2 - CMAS ELA and Math Session 2
    • April 7 - CMAS ELA and Math Session 3
    • April 9 - CMAS SS (7th grade) and Sci (8th grade)

    Spring MAP:

    • April 21 - AM Testing; Modified class schedule
    • April 22 - AM Testing; Modified class schedules

    Library/Tech Updates
    (click on the image)


    9 – Matt Calvert

    28 – Danielle Mitchell


    12 - Israel Rodriguez

    14 – Lori Farley

    21 - Ally Teichman

    25 – Erik Kerzee

    30 – Ashley Taylor


    1 – Sandy Chiarelli

    1 - Melanie Ware  

    2 - Nicky Lyons

    2 - Tom Talmich

    3 - Danette O'Keefe

    7 - Molly Law

    13 - Kelli Garner

    13 – Chris Noren

    19 - Gavin Erickson

    24 – Dani Corizzi

    30 – Patty Jonas


    8 – Heidi Haggenjos

    10 – Rachael Stevens

    12 – Erin Hoffman

    16 - Jenny White

    Classroom Meeting Qs
    Monday, March 9th

    Here are some sample questions for your classroom meeting if needed:
    • If you came with a guarantee, like so many products do, what could you honestly guarantee about yourself?
    • Name two things that always make you laugh.
    • What is the most misunderstood thing about you?

    Use the Emergenetics+ website to access your Profile and receive customized tips on communication and collaboration based on your strengths.  

    Click here to visit Emergenetics+ or download the free app for your iOS or Android device. Log in with the email address and password that you used to take your questionnaire.

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