Mr. Reeves has taught at Standley Lake since 1993. 

Degrees earned:
        Bachelor's in Geology
        Bachelor's in Mathematics
        Masters in Educational Technology

Courses Taught in my Career


I have taught this course from 2000 to present and this is now the main subject that I teach. 


The book we use is one that we publish ourselves and was originally written by the original Physics teachers here at Standley Lake.  Every Physics teacher who has worked at Stanley Lake has added their own knowledge to the book so it is a constantly evolving work.  A version of this book is now used in around 4 different High Schools in Jefferson County.


 The course had a wonderful well developed curriculum when I started teaching Physics here at Standley Lake.  Over the years I and the people I have taught with have grown the curriculum to include more labs & projects where the students have to employ the physics they have learned in doing and describing real world events.    Our Goal is to not only teach physics, but to get our students to realize that physics is in everything they do in life.



Physics Principles

I have taught this class from 2009 to present.  For this course I combined the curriculum of Physics Principles and Chemistry in the Community to create a course that teaches both Chemistry and Physics to students who would not be successful in the mainstream courses due to problems with mathematics.


Senior Earth Science – Environmental Engineering

I have taught this class every Spring Semester from 2001 to present.  Most of the time I shared the teaching assignment with Mr. Cassady.  He would teach the first half of the semester and I would teach the last half of the semester.  We accomplished this by sharing another class with each other.  

My portion of the class is based on several courses I took in college. In this class we look at a couple of different topics including slope stabilization, and water usage and water treatment. 

    We do some experiments, get some guest lectures and go on several fieldtrips each semester.  Since 2004 we have gone to Arches National Park every spring to spend several days looking at the fragile nature of the desert and how humans can coexist and not destroy that environment.


Earth Science

I taught this class from 1993 to 2007.  This is the first subject I taught here at Standley Lake and it is one I very much enjoyed, both for the subject matter and the students I was teaching. 

             I have taught all possible variations of this subject starting out with the main stream classes my first year and for many years to come.

             Then I was asked to teach a "team taught class" for students with special needs.  I taught this special needs class with Ms. Dahlquist and we had many wonderful students who learned most of the curriculum of the main stream classes and were so well behaved that when we took them on fieldtrips we received complements on their behavior.

             I also taught this class as an honors class, first as an extracurricular class where we went on fieldtrips to augment the curriculum of the main stream class, then as a separate course that went beyond the curriculum of the main stream classes and we still managed to go on some great fieldtrips.

             Finally I taught this subject matter in environments meant for students to make up credits because of failures the first time they took the class.  This included summer school, night school and even a class during the regular school day for seniors needing the credit to graduate.


Chemistry in the Community

I taught this class in 2007 to 2009. I was about the 6th teacher to teach this course that was designed as a Chemistry class for Standley Lakes at risk students who did not have the math ability to be successful in regular Chemistry.


Physics Principles

This version of Physics was designed by me for Standley Lakes at risk students who did not have the math ability to be successful in regular Physics.  Mr. Evans took over the course after a few years and added his own ideas to the class and he then taught it for several years.


Applied Physics

I taught this class in 1994.  This version of Physics was taught to at risk students and the course content was designed and implemented through CSU.  I was the third teacher to use this curriculum and after my year it was decided that the curriculum was not a good match for the at risk students we were teaching.



A major part of my love of Science & Nature is the experiences I have had with them, so I try to get my students to experience both of them as well.   As a result of this I have always taken many of my students on Fieldtrips.  In addition I have been a sponsor of the outdoor club here at Standley Lake High school since 2006.  Many of the trips I have taken have been repeated multiple times, like we have gone to the Moab area 9 different years.  Below are listed some of the trips I have either organized or been a major part of:

Arches National Park

Sand Dunes National Park

Dead Horse Point Utah State Park

Canyon Lands National Park

Rafting on multiple day trips through Ruby & Horse Thief Canyons on the Colorado- Utah Border

Rafting the Arkansas River near Buena Vista Colorado

Rafting the Colorado River near Kremlin Colorado

Rafting the Colorado River near Moab Utah

Edgar Mine in Idaho Springs, Colorado.  Operated by the Colorado school of mines

Cave of the Winds

Glenwood Caverns

Eisenhower Tunnel operations center under Loveland Pass

Denver Museum of Natural History

Bureau of Reclamation Large Scale Modeling Lab Located in the Federal Center in Denver, Colorado

US Department of Transportation  Lab Located in the Federal Center in Denver, Colorado

Ice Core  Lab Located in the Federal Center in Denver, Colorado

Cherokee Power Plant Located in Denver, Colorado

Hollis engineering for experiments in concrete strength.

Semper and Northwest Water treatment plants in Westminster, Colorado.

Big dry creek Wastewater treatment Plant in Westminster, Colorado.

USGS Hydrology Lab in Boulder, Colorado

Keystone Snow School for a 2 day trip on avalanches

Skiing & Snowboarding at Winter Park & Copper Mountain

Hiking & Mountain Bike riding at various places like Winter Park, Georgetown & Glenwood Springs