Language Arts 8

*Welcome to 8th L.A....what will you do to grow as a reader and writer this year?

Your will be experiencing genre studies in 8th grade LA this year.  There are 8 units:4 reading and 4 writing that will require you to look deeper into what readers and writers do when interacting with print.  Each unit will last between 3-6 weeks.  Please check the calendar below for HW assignments and expectations.


The following materials need to be in class every day~

Pen or Pencil 
1 subject spiral notebook (You'll keep in the room most days)
Loose-leaf paper 
Personal Book 

or Electronic Reading Device (If it’s a cell phone you may only use for reading)

Calendar, daily activities and homework:

LA Plans S2 March 2017

Here is a resource for finding popular teen books. To open this link, hi-lite the address, then right click to bring up a "go to..." option:

Technology Survey link:

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