Joining the Program Late

Is your child interested in joining the band and orchestra program at school? While Rental/Information Night has passed and we might have already started classes for band and orchestra, it is not too late to join!

Elementary band and orchestra meet twice a week during the school day as a “go-to resource program”. We start students from square one, so no prior instrumental music experience is necessary to be a part of the program. Band class offers instruction on flute, clarinet, alto saxophone, trumpet, horn, baritone, trombone, and percussion. Orchestra offers violin, viola, cello, and double bass. Mandatory after-school rehearsals and concerts for first-year students are limited to just five evenings all year:

  • October 23rd - Informance
  • November 30th - After-School Rehearsal
  • December 5th - Concert
  • March 14th - After-School Rehearsal
  • April 4th - Area Band Festival (Band Only)
  • April 11th - Area Orchestra Festival (Orchestra Only)

While there is no cost for the program, students are required to have an instrument to participate. To acquire an instrument, we recommend that our families rent from one of our local vendors.

All of these stores offer fantastic rent-to-own programs that are great for young musicians. If cost of rental is prohibitive for your family, please email Mr. Simpson or Ms. Reeve to discuss the school’s loaner program. We have a small cache of instruments that we can lend to students for $125 for the school year (free for students on free/reduced lunch), but the number of instruments we have available is small and shrinking by the day.

All students will need a book: Standard of Excellence for Band or Essential Elements for Strings for Orchestra. Violinists and violists additionally require a sponge or chin rest. Cellists should own a rock stop. Clarinetists and saxophonists will need several #2 reeds. Percussionists will need a “combo kit”, which includes a snare drum, bells, mallets, sticks, and necessary hardware.

If your child is interested in joining, email us, or have your child come down to band/orchestra the next time their school has class. From there, we will provide our handbook which includes our permission slip for getting signed up. The handbook can also be found and downloaded from our Resource Section. You can find our weekly schedule here.

If you have any questions, check out our Rental Night Video or feel free to call or email us!