4th Grade GT Teacher Mrs. Kelly

Please note spring conference signup will be out shortly, please know you may opt-out if you do not want to meet.
*** Please see the Friday folders this week, 2/15 updated MobyMax scores.

Math: Unit #6, please keep working on the long division skills.   
Writing:We have begun the new unit on persuasive writing.
Reading:We are in small group work on non-fiction reading for text support and author's purpose.
Social Studies: Colorado timeline
Science: Dinosaurs!!!

Calendar: Please use the calendar link to the left to see the due dates and other happenings.
Daily Schedule:
       8:10 - 8:30         Homeroom
       8:30 - 10:10       Math
       9:10 - 11:00       Specials
      11:05 - 11:45       Science
      11:50 - 12:30       Recess/Lunch
      12:35 - 1:15        Reading (Library Thursday) ( Mrs. Fiess Wednesday)
       1:20 - 1:50         Writing 
       1:50 - 2:20        Social Studies
       2:20 - 2:50        WIN Block
       2:45 - 2:55         Homeroom/Clean-up/Pack-up /Read-A-Loud   
Friday morning we will have Math Mom's and Dad's from 8:30 - 9:15, please join us for math fun!!

Parent Portal-Please continue to visit the parent portal with your students, but place the emphasis on the students being responsible for their work!  Please have your child address missing work with me and direct questions per scores they do not understand.  I will be using Parent Portal for all math, writing, reading,social studies, and science. 
Agenda will be updated for all project due dates, please review with your students on a weekly basis.

Friday Folder please initial and utilize the comment section for any questions or concerns you may have,. Friday Folders are due back on Monday mornings. Tuesday for duel households, or by agreement.
Homework Assignments-please see your student's agenda, I will be posting long-term assignments  in parent portal.  Assignments are written on the back board for daily updates. 

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