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AP Calculus BC/Honors Multivariate Calculus

Your Summer Homework Assignment is here!  The solutions are here!

AP Calculus BC - Fall Semester                        Honors Multivariate Calculus - Spring Semester
    August                                                                    January
    September                                                               February
    October                                                                   March
    November                                                                April
    December                                                                May

You have the option to take this class for CU Credit in the fall and spring.  During the Fall Semester you can take MTH 2411 Calculus II and during the Spring Semester you can take MTH 2421 Calculus III.  Information you need for registering for this class can be found at CU Registration Packet.  The CU Syllabus for MTH 2411 and the CU Syllabus for MTH 2421 will give you the information you need for these courses.