Jeffco public schools K-12 education plays an important role in the development of our students on their path to becoming successful citizens. We adhere to a strong set of values and have adopted and implemented core policies and practices that help guide the Districts operations in our quest to deliver quality education to our students. 

The threat to our information assets has never been so great. Vulnerabilities range from a stolen laptop to denial of service attacks or even a misconfigured password. Yet, small changes in behavior can have a huge impact for information security.

Student Data Protection 

Jeffco has always been a leader in protecting technology.  The District was one of the first in the country to have a dedicated information security team who's primary mission is to: define policies and processes protecting technology, implement and monitor security toolsets, and monitor the environment for risk.  

The increasing complexity of our interconnected systems and data sharing agreements has also created the need for dedicated resources to assist in managing the vast quantities of information used by District staff members every day.  Jeffco now has dedicated central resources focusing on privacy and data governance.  

Transparency With Our Families

All the great work Jeffco is doing to protect student information can go to waste if no-one knows about it.  Central departments will focus on ensuring we are more transparent with how the District is using student data and the functionality of major District applications such as Google.  We also need your help by increasing transparency related to software used in the classroom. This graphic helps explain the details of being compliant with the law: Being Transparent with Tools Used in Your Building.