Jazz Band

Jazz Band Concert Info


Mercury Café Concert

Wednesday, May 2nd, 5:30-7:00 PM

2199 California St., Denver     mercurycafe.com

Students need to:

·         Wear their red Screamin’ Eagles shirts and black pants, socks, and shoes

·         Bring their instrument and music

·         Arrive around 5:00 – please do not arrive later than 5:15!

      --Plan extra time for rush hour traffic and parking! With traffic it can take about an hour to get there from Littleton—


Other info:

Ø  Parking in lots is paid parking, limited free parallel parking available

Ø  No cover charge! Thanks to the DRHS Boosters for covering our fees!

Ø  Dakota Ridge/The Mercury will be providing the drumset, piano, microphones, and music stands

Ø  Concert begins with the elementary jazz band at 5:30 PM

Ø  Summit Ridge and Dakota Ridge will be performing after us, students are expected to stay and watch their performances

Ø  We will be done around 7:00 PM

Ø  Food and beverages will be available to purchase – CASH only, ATM available



There is no rehearsal after school on Thursday, May 3rd. Depending on how it goes at the Mercury, we may not have rehearsal on the 10th either, but I will let you know. We will be performing the same songs at both concerts and there are a lot of things going on at the end of the year so if things went well, students will only need to come to the concerts.



Spring Band Concert

Monday, May 14th, 6:30-8:00 PM

Summit Ridge Middle School – Gymnasium

Students need to:

·         Wear their red Screamin’ Eagles shirts and black pants, socks, and shoes

·         Bring their instrument, music, and folding stand!!!

·         Arrive between 6:30 and 6:45 PM, concert begins at 7:00 PM

Other info:

Ø  Concert features beginning band, jazz band, and advanced band

Ø  Jazz band students in advanced band will start in jazz band setup and move to advanced after performance

Ø  Jazz students not in advanced band can move to audience after performance

Ø  Summit Ridge will provide the drumset, keyboard and amp




Mrs. Welch would like to give a big THANK YOU to all jazz band students and parents. This is a great opportunity for students to learn more challenging music, how to play confidently and independently in a smaller group, learn the basics of improvisation, experience soloing, and most importantly, have FUN playing music! I really enjoyed working with this group of students this year and feel like each one of them really grew as musicians and as people.


Great job everyone J

Jazz band has started! The first rehearsal will was on Thursday, November 9th from 4-5 PM. Rehearsals are every Thursday at Powderhorn Elementary (next to Summit Ridge) in Temp #9. Read on for more information!

Jazz Band is a completely optional extracurricular class that is held after school once a week and performs at the May band concert as well as at the Mercury Cafe in May, which is a lot of fun! Anyone in advanced band or orchestra is invited to join on their current instrument. We also need drum set, piano, guitar, and bass players, so if you already know how to play one of those or you know someone who does, pass the word along! We learn a few new pieces of sheet music that are either jazzy or pop tunes but tend to be more challenging than what they play in class. We also learn the basics of swing and improvisation. It is a great opportunity for students wishing to improve their playing skills. Students are expected to practice their music individually at home and come to rehearsal prepared.

The first rehearsal will be held on Thursday, November 9th from 4-5 PM for all interested students. It will be at Powderhorn Elementary, 12109 West Coal Mine Avenue  Littleton, CO 80127, in Temp #9 (northwest side of the school). Please drop off and pick up students in the west front loop and have them walk around the building. Please bring instruments (except drum set and piano). If you are interested in joining but cannot attend this day, please email Mrs. Welch at carrie.welch@jeffco.k12.co.us.

Rehearsals are every Thursday (unless it is a district no-school day) beginning November 9th and will be at Powderhorn from 4-5 PM. Powderhorn students may use the time after school to practice or do homework in the temp. Students from all other schools will need to find transportation after school.

There is no cost to the student! If you would like to join, please come to the first rehearsal you are available. Hope to see you there!

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