Welcome to the 2018-2019  School Year!

We are excited to be able to provide your child(ren) with another great year of Enrichment classes! We will be offering three sessions this year full of fun and engaging classes. Class schedules and registration form can be found on the tab above. 

In order for students to be able to participate in after school activities, students must be in attendance 75% of the school day, which means students must be present for five (5) hours and 20 minutes of the day and in attendance for the last 45 minutes of the day.

A few reminders about the Enrichment Program
Class Fees
PTA Sponsored Enrichment classes are $25 per session. Please send payments with your child the first day of class or register online. Checks should be made to Ryan PTA.  It is helpful if you put the child’s name and classes (even if abbreviated) on the check memo. For classes provided by a vendor (Sticky Fingers or Young Rembrandts for example) payment needs to be made directly to vendor at the first class session.

Class Cancellations
If there are adjustments to the schedule for inclement weather, emergency situations, or absence of instructors, the Ryan PTA Enrichment committee will contact you via e-mail. If the school closes for any reason, please assume that Ryan PTA Enrichment classes are cancelled as well. 

Class Attendance
Students need to be responsible in getting themselves to Ryan PTA Enrichment classes. If your student is ill or going to miss a class, it would be appreciated if you would contact the class instructor via e-mail. Upon dismissal from regular school, students are expected to go to their Enrichment classes independently. If you are unsure whether your student can manage this task, please plan to pick your student up at his/her classroom and escort him/her to the Enrichment class. Attendance will be taken at the Ryan PTA Enrichment class; however, students will not be tracked down due to time constraints of the class and the needs of the other students.

Dismissal Policy
Students will be released from Enrichment classes from the front entrance of the school. Instructors will follow the dismissal instructions provided by parents during registration. Parents are asked to be prompt in picking up students. Adult supervision of students upon dismissal will not be provided.