9th English

Welcome to English 9. This course is designed to prepare you for the rest of your English classes at Standley Lake and the world beyond. We will be looking at a variety of types of literature, and will apply our understanding of the texts to the world we live in through writing, speeches, conversation, and presentations.

All coursework for this class will be housed in Google Classroom. Students can access Classroom through the code they receive in class. Handouts and assignments will only be found there and students should also check in when they have been absent for any recent posts or work.

Google Classroom code: i0rsqo

Required Materials:

  • Your chromebook
  • One large college-ruled spiral notebook
  • Assorted highlighters & writing utensils
  • one box of Lysol wipes (these will be shared with the class)

Turnitin.com Information

8th period:

Class ID: 18711077

Password: Moores

Syllabus Signature Form: Click here.

To view the syllabus, go to 9th Files or click here.

Chromebook Expectations:

Every day! Every class! CHARGED! Chromebooks are to be used as a learning tool. LanSchool is on every chromebook allowing the teacher to control and monitor student use. Inappropriate use will result in consequences.

If students engage in the “inappropriate” use of electronics within the class, then their right to use these devices in the future will be removed. This includes but not limited to: visiting websites for non-class purposed, shopping online, playing games, Facebook/Social Media, youtube/netflix, streaming music, etc.

In addition to the Chromebook, students will still be required to have typical school supplies for daily use: paper, pens, books, etc.

Printing cannot be done from a Chromebook; therefore, students need to be proactive and print at home or in the library from their Google account.

Chromebook classroom activities will allow for students to peer-edit, research, create, collaborate, develop, and overall demonstrate higher order thinking skills. At times, headphones will be required so that the learning of one student does not interfere with the learning of another student.