12th English

(ENG 121/122)

Welcome to Concurrent Enrollment English 12. Passing this course will give you dual credit through SLHS and Red Rock Community College!

This year-long course is divided into two semesters of composition. Both courses are part of the statewide Guaranteed Transfer courses. Students who earn a C or better in the class both semesters will receive 6 transferable college credits through RRCC.

ENG 121: Composition I (1st semester) emphasizes the planning, writing, and revising of compositions, including the development of critical and logical thinking skills. This course includes a minimum of four compositions or projects that stress narrative, analytical, evaluative, and persuasive writing.


  • Various fiction and non-fiction readings from the required text
  • Continued improvement of vocabulary and grammatical skills at the college level
  • Presentation component
  • 4-5 compositions/projects of various genres complete with reflective Artist’s Statement

ENG 122: Composition II (2nd semester) expands and refines the objectives of English Composition I, especially through argument. The Senior Capstone Project encourages students to engage with the local community (either individually or collaboratively) through choice of internship, service, or other creative endeavors. Students will ultimately submit an 8-10 page research paper related to their project.


  • Argumentative Writing
  • 8-10 page Argumentative Research Paper
  • Ted Talk Presentation
  • Completion of Senior Capstone Project

Required text:

The Bedford Book of Genres: A Guide and Reader (SECOND edition) by Amy Braziller and Elizabeth Kleinfeld

ISBN-13: 978-1319150440

Please be certain to purchase the 2018 2nd edition (it’s green and white, NOT blue and white, like the first edition).

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