Kendall's Life Cycle Videos 2015

These life cycles were created Fall of 2015 by Ms. Nicholas's 3rd grade scientists. Students had to select a research topic, gather evidence from their resources and write their script based on the information they learned from their research. 

Life Cycle of a Komodo Dragon by Danika & Avery

Life Cycle of a Spider by Jacob & Luke

Life Cycle of a Beaver by Tarin & Zach

Life Cycle of a Lion by Brady & Jack

Life Cycle of a Penguin by Alyssa & Rylie

Life Cycle of a Dragonfly by Avery & Izze

Life Cycle of an Alligator by Ryan & Bryce

Life Cycle of an Ant by Megan & Madelyn

LIfe Cycle of a Crayfish by Caitlin & Adam

Life Cycle of a Frog by Conner & Jack