School Traffic Safety and Crossing Guard Program

Jenelle Vierzbicki, Loss Control Manager
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One of the most frequent hazard exposures that a student may face at school in the course of a week are the pedestrian safety issues associated with student drop-off and pick-up times. The Risk Management Department is available to consult with schools to identify improvements to reduce hazard exposures in their local traffic system, collaborating with other district departments (Transportation, Site Maintenance, Security) as well as city traffic engineering departments, fire departments, and police. 

The District's Voluntary Crossing Guard program is designed as an optional program that schools can use if they would like to establish a local program of supervision on the streets surrounding their school or in the parking lot during student pick-up and drop-off times.  The program contains guidelines for selecting volunteers and establishing supported locations, addresses liability issues for volunteers and the district, and provides training, supporting PBS guidelines, a background check process, and information regarding where to get the safety equipment needed for the crossing guards.

For Volunteers...

  1. To get started, read the program and recruit/identify your volunteers or staff members. 
  2. Have them (volunteers, not staff) complete the Work Comp Assumption of Risk form and keep it in the activity file at the school. 
  3. Have them complete the Background Check process (EXEMPT: parent-volunteers of current students and staff) with the district’s Human Resources Department (link at #4 below). 
  4. The potential crossing guard reads the training program, accessible at #5 or #6 (Spanish version) below; they can access it from the For Families > Volunteering in Jeffco page of JPS’s public website.
  5. The Principal can email the link to the test (#7 or #8 below) to the volunteer/staff member following completion of the training.  Risk Management will correct the test and inform the Principal of the test result.
  6. Upon passing the test, the District will make arrangements to furnish on-street training.
  7. They are a Crossing Guard!

For Employees...

Employees are covered by Worker's Compensation and have had a background check performed at employment, so training is all that is required.

If you have questions about the program or its supporting materials, please contact the Risk Management Department at 303-982-2455.

For general information click on any of the following links:

1.     Crossing Guard Program

2.     Worker's Compensation Assumption of Risk Form for crossing guards

3.     Worker's Compensation Assumption of Risk Form for crossing guards (Spanish version)

4.     HR Background Check Process

5.     Training presentation

6.     Training presentation (Spanish version)

7.     Link to test

8.     Link to Spanish version of test

9.     On-street training form

10.  On-street training form (Spanish version)
11.  Equipment for Crossing Guards

12.  PBS guidelines

13.  Crossing Guard Checklist

14.  Traffic Control Resource Guideline

15.  Traffic Control Flow Chart 


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