Fire Safety / Prevention

Fire Safety / Prevention

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Fire prevention is intrinsic to the daily charge of education inasmuch as the activities we engage in, the way we decorate academic spaces, and the way we use facilities all present opportunities to create or control fire exposures. Below are materials and programs to support making good, code compliant choices in creating educational experiences and using district facilities.

Additionally, as of the 2016-2017 school year, schools are to document the actions taken by school staff to resolve annual fire inspection findings at their school.  The link provided immediately below is the portal to documenting resolutions in the district’s risk management system.  Program details are listed in the program document at link #13.  A supporting video is available at link #14.

Fire Inspection Documentation URL

Please contact Risk Management with specific questions.

For general information click on any of the following links:

  1. Uniform Fire Drill Report  
  2. Fire Safety Issues Related To Planning Events 
  3. Fire Safety Issues In Schools For Administrators 
  4. Fire Safety Issues In Schools For Athletic Events 
  5. Fire Safety Issues In Schools For Facility Managers 
  6. Fire Safety Issues In Classrooms And Libraries
  7. Fire Safety Issues In Schools For Events In The Auditorium 
  8. Fire Safety Issues In School Hallways 
  9. Training Matrix For Fire Training Modules 
  10. Use of Fogging Machines or Carbon Dioxide for School Events 
  11. Talking Points for Special Events and Fire Safety 
  12. Special Events and Fire Safety Guide
  13. School Fire Inspection Finding Closure Documentation Program
  14. Fire Inspections Documentation Video
  15. "Top 5” school-based inspection findings 
  16.  (past positions on use of flame retardant, plug-in air fresheners, Environmental Services position on flame retardant treatments, etc….links to LM editions) (coming soon!)
  17. Employee Right To Know Awareness Video

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