Welcome to the Bergens Online Registration for 2017-2018!

Please Click Each Link BELOW to Complete Registration for Each Child.
***If you need help with online registration, please visit each school site in person after August 1.

EACH child must be registered separately.
If you filled out any forms prior to August 1st, you must re-submit the necessary information again!
If you have questions, call the offices:  
Meadow - 303-982-4890, Valley - 303-982-4964.


JeffcoConnect - Click this tab and follow the online directions for JeffcoConnect.  This is the most important step for registration.  This MUST be completed.  

You need to update contact & health information and pay school and district registration fees.  Your child will NOT be registered until you have reviewed and submitted each tab of your child's record including the "Agreements" Tab and the"Summary" page and PAYMENT has been received via the online link or in person at the office of either school.

Meadow Explanation of Fees                                                Valley Explanation of Fees


Bergens Permission Form - SPANISH VERSIONFill out this form to agree to the terms of the Student Handbook, Student Use of the Internet, school and district policies in the Jeffco Conduct Code and provide permission for PTA events and field trips.  

Please click each link to reference these documents or click the link in the reference materials section below.


Jeffco MYPAYMENTSPLUS - Click this tab and follow the online directions to add money to your child's meal account. 

(This is also accessible through JeffcoConnect, in step 1 above.)


Birthday Book Club - Fill out this questionnaire if you wish to participate in the Bergens' Library Birthday Book Club.  This program is one of two sources for the budget for each school's library to purchase books and other resources.  You may have paid to participate in this program through JeffcoConnect, above.  If you missed paying above, you can still participate by sending in a check to your child's school.


PTA Membership & Fees - Pay PTA Membership and Fees Now!  Fill out this form to join the PTA and pay fees.

Fee descriptions can be accessed here.

You can only receive a copy of the school/PTA directory by being a PTA member.  If you have difficulty filling out these forms, please visit the school office.


Bergens School Directory - Fill out this online form to share your contact information with other families at the Bergens.  Printed directories are delivered in the Fall ONLY to PTA members.  Your information will NOT be included in the directory unless this form is filled out each year!   If you have difficulty filling out these forms, please visit the school office.


PTA Volunteer Sign-Up - Fill out this online form if you wish to volunteer for any of the variety of opportunities that PTA has to offer.  If you have difficulty filling out these forms, please visit the school office.

Optional:  Register for PTA Sponsored Event Bergen Run & Ride!   Register for a King Sooper's Card to benefit the Bergens!

Volunteer for the Bergen Run & Ride!

Congratulations!  You've completed this year's online registration!  

Repeat all steps for each additional child!