Who are the PRIDE Pals?

Pride Pals is a collaborative group of students and parents that work together with our school community to maintain nature trails and school garden. In PRIDE Pals we make the following pledge:

P - Protect the plants, animals, and surroundings in our schoolyard, our community, and our world
R - Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle in order to keep my earth healthy
I  - Integrate nature into our daily lives
D - Discover something new about the outdoors every day we can
E - Make our Environment better in the future than it is now


We will meet alternating Friday mornings starting on 9/14 from 8:00-8:50am. Please plan to meet in the new Makerspace Room (far portable). Click on the calendar link to get more information about each meeting.
*Students will need to bring water bottle, garden gloves, and sun screen

Karen Fergason (ladotyk@gmail.com) to:
  • Enroll your student
  • Volunteer
  • Teach a mini lesson
  • Help harvest