The Draft

The 2018 Rebels Soccer Indoor Soccer Tournament & Fundraiser PLAYER DRAFT will be held on:

Wedensday, December 20th - 2017

To become an draft eligible player, all players must have completed the following:
1. All players must complete the online registration form 2. All Players turn in their paper registration form (Blue Form = Boys, Pink Form = Girls) 3. All players must complete and turn in a medical release waiver (see coach Todd or Martin) 4. All players must turn in their $50 minimum Pledge (Checks can be made to CHS)
The player draft is conducted by the Rebels Soccer CFC coaching staff and chosen Futsal team captains. 
After randomly drawing the draft order, captains will select 1 player each round by alternating their pick male/female each round.
A male captain's first pick must be a female player.
A female captain's first pick must be a male player.
At the draft, captains will chose their Team Name (must be a FIFA sanctioned nation) and will be assigned a Team # that will determine their tournament schedule of matches.
Following the draft, captains are responsible for contacting each player on their roster, notifying each player of the team match schedule, announcing team name, creating team uniforms, ensuring that all players understand tournament rules and that all players are included in all team activities prior to and during the tournament.