QB Club

Contact:  1RVMustangFootball@gmail.com

Ralston Valley Quarterback Club Mission Statement:

The Ralston Valley Quarterback Club is a school-affiliated volunteer organization.  It is comprised of involved parents, guardians, alumni and members of the community who provide support to the football program at Ralston Valley High School before, during and after the football season.  We work together to strengthen both the current and future football programs at the Freshman, JV and Varsity levels.

The Ralston Valley Quarterback Club is responsible for helping to create a positive brand for Ralston Valley High School Football through dynamic leadership, timely communication, financial and moral support, and programs that will draw students and sponsors to this quality high school program.

We provide financial support for the enrichment of the football program, additional athletic training of our players and for the equipment that benefits the football team.  The Quarterback Club will encourage and motivate participation by family, friends and faculty in all Quarterback Club activities.  We will build a strong, positive relationship with the parents, coaches, students, faculty and the community.  In order to facilitate this, the Quarterback Club will organize social and fundraising events for players, coaches and the community throughout the year.  

The Quarterback Club will encourage players at all scrimmages and games with positive behavior that reflects respect for ourselves, our opponents and the game of football.  With the highest standards of spirit and sportsmanship our purpose is to promote pride, respect and unity among the Ralston Valley players and the student body, staff, coaches, families, and the local business community. 

The Ralston Valley Quarterback Club aims to help each player achieve their best possible football experience.  We will mirror the commitment, pride, and achievement that we strive to instill in all of our players.  We seek  to create an environment in which all student-athletes develop a sense of self-esteem and dignity that is both moral and caring.  Ultimately graduating prepared and responsible young men of character and high academic standards.