School Accountability Committee (SAC) at Ralston
The SAC team serves as a venue for parents, teachers and administration to discuss and accomplish goals and objectives set forth by the district, faculty and parents. The 
SAC team approach is also intended to encourage shared leadership among staff and parents; align faculty committee work with district initiatives; and accomplish goals and objectives with both students' best interests and efficiency as priorities.

Specifically, Jefferson County requires each school to have an organized SAC team which is responsible for taking a role in writing and signing off on the school's Unified Improvement Plan.

SAC is co-facilitated by: Ralston's principal and a parent Chairperson.

SAC members: 

  • Any parent wanting to be involved with the SAC team may become a member of SAC. Parents are encouraged to make a commitment to attend as manySAC meetings as possible throughout the year. This consistency facilitates a forum where meaningful, productive discussions add value to the community.
  • Parents are also welcome to attend the SAC meetings on a topical basis as topics that they have an interest in discussing are included on the agenda.
  • Teacher representatives from the primary and intermediate classrooms are recruited by the principal.
  • Education support staff is recruited by the principal.
2013-2014 Goals 

SAC's goals this year include assisting the Principal in completing the Unified Improvement Plan and promoting the awareness of SAC as a venue for faculty, parents and community members to discuss items that deserve diverse and thoughtful input. 


How to become a 
SAC parent member:  Please contact the SAC parent chairperson and discuss your interests and your name will be added to the SAC team.

How to bring up a topic for discussion on the monthly 
SAC Agenda.  Please contact the Principal (Dawn Odean- or SAC Parent Chairperson (2015-2016) - Jessica Kern 

When and where are SAC meetings held?  The 3rd Thursday morning of each month. 7:30 AM in the Ralston Library. All members of the Ralston Community are welcome to attend. October 17th, November 21st, December 19th, January 16th, February 20th, March 20th, April 17th, and May 15th

What are some examples of past initiatives and topics that 
SAC  has impacted?

- AM/PM Safety Procedures

-Impact of Attendance

Transitions to Middle School

- Bully Prevention

- Parking lot Hug and Go

- Allergy Awareness Guidelines
-Math Curriculum
-Ralston Marketing Brochure