This is a sampling of neat websites and ipad/ipod apps that we believe are somewhat educational if not downright fun! The list is not exhaustive and we welcome suggestions for additions. Share your finds! Email Ms. Garlow at  Since websites and apps change rather quickly, we apologize in advance for links that don’t work.

Let us learn together!

Websites for Timez Attack, a fun game that provides math facts practice (download the free version) math facts with an online "instructor" who encourages kids for learning how to type on the keyboard is the NASA for kids site, cool science site is the neat Free Rice site that donates grains of rice to people in need while teaching our kids vocabulary cool math for kids, lots of math games more math games and math fact practice for kid writers and those who like to read; books, stories, publishing for kids

iPad/iPhone Apps

Itunes U This app provides access to free educational courses, videos, pdfs and other resources. Some of our favorites include Science Bites videos from the Denver Museum of Nature & Science, 3rd Grade Math with Kelley Randall and Space-SD videos.

Count Your Peas gets kids to think about their food choices while having fun with art and pictures. Even more fun: they created a YouTube video describing the app which might make your kids laugh.

Math Bingo has different levels of math facts practice, encouraging kids to learn while earning Bingo Bugs

ABC Cursives is a good app for younger kids working on handwriting and early sound recognition

Pocket Phonics also teaches kids handwriting skills and early sound recognition.

Dragon Dictation records your voice so that you can easily capture your thoughts. You can email your notes to yourself or put it into memo format. Kids who struggle to get thoughts on paper like this app as they can get their ideas recorded, then type or write their assignment using the dragon notes.

Math Monkey is similar to Angry Birds but gets kids practicing math facts. Use the one created by Math Game Time.

Nine Gaps is a puzzle game that requires math skills.

Flow Math gives kids the answer and requires them to come up with the equation.

Motion Math teaches kids about fractions while requiring them to move the device.

Number Line asks kids to put decimals and fractions in order on a number line.

National Geographic World Atlas is a virtual globe that includes satellite views.

Book Apps by Kiwa Media, for example Milly and Molly and the Bike Ride—interactive reading app. Kids can listen to the story. They can record their own voice reading the story then listen to their voice—GREAT for fluency practice.