4 C's

EdLeader21 is a national network of school and district leaders focused on integrating the 4Cs (critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity) into education in order to ensure students readiness for college and career. Jeffco Schools is a district member which affords Ralston collaboration access to leading schools across the United States. In 2014-15, we worked with several school districts to pilot a problem based assessment in science, literacy and critical thinking. The assessment charged students with creating an earthquake evacuation plan for the city leaders of Dhaka. While considering what they knew about earthquakes, students had to analyze and recommend practices to ensure the safety of citizens. The collaboration helped us to focus on “what mastery looks like” for each standard. It also promoted a process to ensure best practices in assessment that we can now apply across the curriculum.

Our School Accountability Committee also began work with the 4cs integrated into a Ralston positive behavior reinforcement project that will replace the past student of the month lunch. The new program will be aligned to the 4cs in an effort to enhance our learning community and support our kids with these essential 21st century skills.