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Internet Safety and Responsibility

Our students learn to:

• Understand acceptable and unacceptable uses of age-appropriate technology
• Understand the consequences of irresponsible uses of technology at home and at school
• Develop an awareness of appropriate kinds of information that should be shared in instructional chat rooms as well as public chat rooms
• Identify safety precautions that should be taken while online
• Discuss scenarios describing acceptable and unacceptable uses of technology (computers, digital cameras, cell phones, wireless connectivity) and describe consequences of inappropriate use.
• Understand the potential risks and dangers associated with online communication (e-mail, files, passwords, social networking sites, etc.)
• Discuss issues related to acceptable and responsible use of technology (privacy, security, copyright, plagiarism, spam, viruses, file sharing)
• Become aware of their digital audiences and the impact of their online words and actions.

At Prospect Valley, we want to ensure that all students are respectful of each other and the technology they use.

Visit Common Sense Media or the International Society for Technology in Education for Students for information.