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The Pomona High School Counseling Team is dedicated to providing highly responsive services by advocating for the needs of all students. We strive to build strong relationships within the school community to ensure that every Pomona student is prepared for life's challenges. We expect all students to strive for rigor and excellence during their high school experience to promote graduation with choices.

If you missed the Junior Review Presentation, come see your Counselor for the handout we gave every Junior that attended. Use the presentation and handouts as resources and guides for your Senior Year. 

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Making Appointments

Students: Come to the counseling office during your free period, lunch period or before and after school. Please feel free to ask one of the secretaries prior to seeing your counselor. We have an open door policy for students; however, counselors may not always be available for students when they stop by. Please fill out a blue slip located on the secretary's counter if this is the case.

Parents: It's best to call your student's counselor in the office to arrange an appointment to see them. This ensures appropriate time allocated for your needs. Stopping by the office could result in long wait times or a counselor not being available.

  Counseling Staff                                          Fax: 303-982-0709

Dan Borkovec - Counselor
Grades 10-12   
Last Names A-E

(New alpha 2017-2018 Year A-Fe)

Email: Daniel.Borkovec@jeffco.k12.co.us


Sandy Austin - Counselor
Grades 10-12   
Last Names F-Ln

(New alpha 2017-2018 Year Ff-L)

Email:  Sandy.Austin2@jeffco.k12.co.us

 Paul Oser - Counselor
Grades 10-12  
Last Names Lo-Rn

(New alpha 2017-2018 Year M-Rn)

Email:  Paul.Oser@jeffco.k12.co.us

 Chuck Runge - Counselor
Grades 10-12   
Last Names Ro-Z

Email: Chuck.Runge@jeffco.k12.co.us


 Autumn Coppejans - 
9th Grade Counselor 
Last Names A-Z

Email: Autumn.Coppejans@jeffco.k12.co.us
Phone: 303-982-0405


 Crystal Jones
Registrar and Counseling Secretary

Fax:  303-982-0709

If you need education verification or graduation verification please contact Jeffco Student Records at 303-982-6715

Karen Peterson - Counseling Aide
Scheduler for College Visits and Military visits

Email: Karen.Peterson@jeffco.k12.co.us

If you missed the presentation on Paying for College, or if you want to see the additional slides about the FAFSA at the end of the presentation, here is the link to the Power Point.



Paying For College

Transition and Individual Needs Resources